Sorority Apologizes for supposedly racist depiction

Political correctness is part of our daily lives nowadays, at least for those who succumb to such nonsense.

In another Tales from the PC Annals, we find that a sorority is under fire. According to Newsweek,

A sorority in Alabama apologized on Friday for a T-shirt that it made depicting a racially offensive image of an African-American person eating a piece of watermelon.

Stacy Bruton, the international president of Alpha Delta Pi, issued a public apology and said the organization will investigate how its chapter at Samford  University in Birmingham, Alabama, was able to commission the making of the T-shirt.

“We are deeply disappointed in the choices made by the Samford¬†chapter and add our sincerest apologies to those expressed by the chapter,” Bruton said.

So now only depictions of white people eating watermelon is acceptable? Ahh, that was a trick question. Because white people eating watermelon would be perceived as mocking black people, as Liberals would cry “transference.”

Ask yourself what this black person could eat that would not have been offensive? Ribs? Chicken? Greens? A hamburger?

That’s how it works, when it comes to political correctness: there is simply no way for white people to win.

The solution? White people need to stop falling for this nonsense, rejecting the notion that black people should be offended by everything under the sun. If you are a big enough pansy to be offended by something that black people do every summer (as do MOST people I know), then SCREW YOU!

Watermelon is not black people’s fruit, it’s JUST FRUIT! It is a fruit enjoyed by all, at least all who enjoy watermelon. And for those who really want to keep it real, most of the foods associated with black people, like fried chicken, sweet potatoes, greens and so on are the same foods that POOR SOUTHERNERS eat!



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