Surgical Hope for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is obsessed with being a man. I know she says she’s all about women’s rights, but that’s just a cover.

Like most feminist, Hillary Clinton is either a man or she desperately wants to be a man. So this medical breakthrough is just what the doctor ordered.

According to the New York Times, Boston surgeons successfully performed the first-ever penis transplant in the U.S. earlier this month.

Thomas Manning (note the irony) lost his penis to cancer, and the Halifax, Massachusetts, bank courier underwent a 15-hour transplant operation over two days in May, when he receive a penis from a cadaver.

One can only pray that Manning wasn’t married to a shrew like Hillary Clinton who would have looked at his penis and accused him of having an STD. The beating Manning might have taken from some feminist, who verbally berated the man.

Consider how Manning decided to go to the doctor, getting up to pee one morning, then seeing a cancerous penis and not knowing what the heck was happening. He goes to the doctor and the doctor says, “I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?”

The good news is you don’t have an STD, whereby Manning looked at his feminist, and shouts, “SEE!” Then Manning gets the bad news that he has a cancerous penis and it must be CUT OFF!

Dr. Curtis L. Cetrulo, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who served as the Massachusetts General Hospital surgical team’s leader, told the Times that they’re “cautiously optmistic,” calling the experimental procedure “uncharted waters.”

Supposedly the Chinese say these are not “uncharted waters,” and they have performed these surgeries before. That’s fine in a mostly homogeneous society, and particularly a communist society, where they likely tell men what penis they can get in such a surgery.

In America, I would hope that men get to choose, like women getting new breasts. The doctor presents charts with various sizes, shapes, dare I say COLOR of penis, and the man decides which one he wants.

The political implications in Leftist America are endless. Should white men get black penises? Imagine that world, where white men would certainly have it all!

“I want to go back to being who I was,” Manning told the Times from his hospital room.

I agree. With a name like Manning, one must have his unit.

Let’s hope Manning is a better representative to penis cancer than Lance Armstrong was to testicular cancer. Men simply cannot have another horrible representative when it comes to “men’s health issues.”

This brings up another political hot button: where is Planned Parenthood on penis exams? What about MEN’S REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS! While Planned Parenthood talks about breast cancer screening, what about penis cancer screening. Breasts are not needed in reproduction, but the penis certainly is.

Finally, just so we are clear, biological men will be fight for our rights to concede penises to tranny women may want cadaver penises. And we certainly won’t be second fiddle to feminists who want penises just so we don’t get them.





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