Trump and the Evangelical Appeal

Donald Trump is not a pious man. He’s actually said things that should have (and did to some degree) turn off a group politicos call “evangelicals.”

Evangelicals are just regular citizens who are said to believe in God, and talk a bit more about it than most. For me, and evangelical is the person who spent the day going house to house to discuss the Bible, God, and so on. Or the guy who stood at the corner in a heavily trafficked area, speaking of the end of the world, shouting “Repent!” to passersby.

I don’t know many “evangelicals.” I just know a lot of flawed people who go to church and actually listen. These people live their lives by Biblical or Torah principals, daily.

This is also my definition of Conservative, but that’s another matter.

As for evangelicals as politicos define them, the hardcore Blble-thumpers, the question is how could Trump appeal to them. He is brash, arrogant, rich, unrepentant, and doesn’t seem to have much use for God.

When I considered Trump’s appeal to evangelicals, the answer became very clear, and it came to me in the form of a question:

What have Republicans done to protect evangelicals?

Christians and Jews have not fared well under Republicans. Obama has kicked our asses routinely, most recently with his bathroom decree. He overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, made the military gay, overturning “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” and he’s ushered into America a “religion” that wants to get rid of Christianity and Judaism. The list of smaller anti-Christian and Jewish atrocities is endless.

Trump at least has the guts to question bringing in anti-American, Judeo-Christian-hating Muslims. Trump is likely socially fine with some of the LGBT legislation that Obama has proposed, though he is certainly NOT Gay. So for Conservatives who expect Trump to be staunchly against the LGBT wrongly using the Civil Rights Acts for their protection, they will likely be disappointed. However on the bigger issue which will eventually challenge some of the other Liberal sacred cows, like Islam and Muslim terrorism, Trump has been clear.

The confluence for Trump will come, when he asks the LGBT community their take on Islam, as I predict he won’t allow them to have their cake and eat it too.

Moreover, Trump has unknowingly brought up issues that most Republicans have avoided, forcing the Left to confront their inconsistencies and twisted logic. Expect black Liberals to get in touch with their true evangelical sides, when issues arise that tend to center around the black community.

Isn’t religion about truth? Like Trump or not, he’s forcing America to come to grips with truth. I think this is why evangelicals are uncharacteristically drawn to him.

God works in mysterious ways. That’s Two Corinthians, for those who want to look it up in your Bibles.


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