Trump Island: Hillary Clinton Enters Reality Show

Hillary Clinton has joined the reality show Trump Island. The problem is the island is not inhabited by just Donald Trump.

In the last episode of Trump Island, Hillary Clinton learned that an alliance had been formed by a man she thought had been kicked off the island.

Bernie Sanders simply will not go away. And Hillary’s fight against Bernie Sanders on Trump Island is not improving her chances of survival, hardening her, and in fact is doing quite the opposite. Hillary’s fight against the boys is in fact weakening her.

Bernie Sanders has pointed out the overtly crooked DNC system that favors whoever they party elites choose. Hillary Clinton was to be king, and Bernie Sanders forgot to throw the fight! So in spite of that system, Sanders remains in the race, and worse yet: he’s winning!

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Consider that even after Sanders scuttled hundreds of campaign workers in what should have been the kiss of death, Sanders won Indiana.

For the mule who was to race the thoroughbred, here’s the fundraising as reported by CNN:

For Bernie Sanders, slow and steady wins the fundraising race.

The Vermont senator began his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination last year with a sizable financial disadvantage compared to front-runner Hillary Clinton. By the end of last June, Sanders had raised just shy of $14 million for his campaign, less than a third of the $47.5 million Clinton had raised for hers.

But the Sanders campaign slowly and steadily eroded the former secretary of state’s fundraising advantage. Sanders slightly edged Clinton in contributions in 2015’s fourth quarter, but his fundraising operation didn’t kick into high gear until 2016. His campaign has outraised Clinton’s every month this year by at least 50%. In March alone, “Bernie 2016” received $44.7 million in contributions, compared to $26.3 million for “Hillary for America.”

Now, Sanders and Clinton are essentially even in total campaign contributions, with each campaign bringing in more than $180 million for their bids by the end of March.

Sanders actually has equaled Clinton in fundraising by the end of March.
Then there is Donald Trump, the builder of Trump Island. The Democrats say that Trump has “women” problems, while pretty much ignoring Hillary Clinton’s “men” problems. Donald Trump has exposed the gender gap with men for Hillary Clinton, and it’s extensive. Men hate Hillary Clinton.
Bernie Sander exposes another problem for Hillary Clinton: her Millennial problem.
Add to this the fact that Hillary Clinton is only popular with Leftist women, and a handful of black Liberals, and this doesn’t bode well. But she has another problem that is even bigger, and Van Jones pointed this out in a video he released on Facebook.
Donald Trump is dislike by 70 percent of blacks. A daunting number, when you think about it one way. But that means 30 percent of blacks DON’T dislike Trump. And as Jones said, Trump could get as much as 15 percent of that vote, which would destroy Hillary Clinton.
What Jones is saying without saying it is Hillary Clinton can’t carry the black vote.
If only Al Sharpton could get on Trump Island.


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