Trump Needs More “Bad Weeks”

It was reported by the lamestream media that Donald Trump had a bad week.

Why? Because there was a 20+ year old tape released, where Trump supposedly acted as his own publicist. Memo to the media: Trump IS his own publicist.

In a week where the leader of the Republican Party, Paul Ryan essentially begged for a meeting with the presumptive GOP candidate, and where Trump swept the elections that week, the press explains that Trump had a bad week.

In Trump’s bad week, he got the endorsement of 13 Republican committee chairmen, and the RNC chairman threw his support behind Trump, extending the olive branch of the powerful fundraising mechanism to the Trump campaign. Not that Trump will need those funds, since Trump received the endorsement of mega-billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a man with almost 3X Trump’s wealth.

Trump is slowly consolidating the base, adding billions of potential dollars to his campaign war chest, and watching Hillary Clinton try to get out of the headlock of Bernie Sanders has her in, in what Democrats would like to think is a bad week for Trump.

And if it wasn’t bad enough, Reuters reported that Trump has almost pulled even with Clinton, and he’s hasn’t even taken the fight to her.

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Which brings me to Hillary Clinton’s week. In the article that brought Trump’s bad week to my attention, they noted that Hillary lost in West Virginia. Yep, that’s it. Let’s just say it’s a little lacking, so here are my observations on Hillary’s week.

As I alluded earlier, Bernie Sanders wiped the floor clean with Hillary Clinton’s formerly fish-belly white now blackened buttocks, winning soundly in West Virginia. Things are so bad for Hillary Clinton that people are practically begging Sanders to stop beating her, and just go away. I wrote recently that the Clintons would wack Sanders, if the murder wouldn’t be so high profile. Where’s the private jet to fly into a mountain when you need one!

One Liberal rag confided that Clinton may not even be capable of beating Trump.

Next was that contentious “We need a medic!” Nevada convention that showcased all that Democrat unity. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been plastered in media to remind Republicans of just how bad things are on our side. Compared to the Democrats, the Republicans are living in Utopia. If Nevada is any indication, the Democrat convention will look like a drug deal gone bad in Compton!

Polling shows that a large portion of Sanders voters now realize the gamesmanship being played on Sanders, and they blame not only Hillary Clinton, but the Democrats. It’s estimated that as much as 30 percent of the Sanders vote will not support Hillary Clinton and might support Donald Trump.

And it get worse, as Hillary Clinton’s spin of an “inquiry” by the FBI into her private server emails was put to bed by the head of the agency itself, who reminded Clinton and the rest of America that the “I” in FBI is not for “inquiry,” but instead for INVESTIGATION. In credit to the Leftist media, they uniformly picked up this story, with Morning Joe ridiculing the would be Mrs. King Clinton. Jake Tapper of CNN went further to call bullshit on Clinton’s contention that what she did was approved by the State Department and par for the course.

Next, there was the very convenient deleted emails by Hillary Clinton’s server guy, an all too familiar pattern with the Clintons and their consorts. Then we learned that Hillary’s communication woes may not be limited to email, but involve phone calls too.

For those following the money, here are a couple of new developments. Hillary Clinton collected $73,000+ from employees of the Department of Justice,  in what surely looks bad in that coverup, particularly when you add to it the fact that The Clinton Foundation raised more than $85 million from Muslim countries. Can you say, “Refugee resettlement?”

The sad part for Hillary Clinton is her weeks are about to get worse. The division with the Democrats will grow with each passing day, as Sanders pounds on her elite status within the party. His message is partially a Trump message, that politics is corrupt, and it will take somebody different to upend it. That person is not Sanders, so that leaves only one choice for now.

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