Trump Toxic to the Left

I think it’s fun to watch Trump. Love him or hate him, he is entertaining, particularly when you have seen how politics has worked over the past decades for Republicans.

The GOP gives us goody-two-shoes candidates unwilling to fight. Romney ran from his success, as did his predecessor John McCain. They both allowed a relatively broke failed community organizer with a sketchy past to be POTUS. Pathetic.

Then you have Trump. He brags, repeat brags about his wealth. After all, America is about the American Dream, and people don’t come here to be poor. But better than bragging about success, Trump does something no other politician has done to the left: he brands them.

Trump uses the Left’s own tactics against him. Trump has brought up more “conspiracy” items about the Clintons than you can shake a stick at. The Left thought these issues were put to bed. Who would have thought that Bill Clinton’s philandering and rape allegations would be front and center in this presidential race?

Hillary Clinton poked the tiger, and got bit.

She started this by attacking Trump with women. A billionaire playboy. Did she really think this would be Trump’s Achilles’ heel? Strike One.

Hillary’s beating was repeated with the New York Times article about Trump’s old girlfriend. She promptly refuted the story, and actually praised The Donald. Strike Two.

The rumor is that the Washington Post is digging up more about Trump, which will ultimately lead to Strike Three in my opinion. But as the saying goes: “If your opponent is wasting his time digging, don’t stop him.”

So as the Clinton team digs their own grave,  Trump adds more “conspiracy” fuel to the fire bringing up Vince Foster. Just the mention of Foster sent the media scrambling.

I heard Carville talk about Trump “repeating lies,” then Carville said that the Vince Foster (and other things Trump brings up) have been put to bed. Well that what he thinks. With Trump, nothing is put to bed.

Just because the Democrats believed the Clintons’ past is “dead” doesn’t make it so. Such is the beauty of Trump. He’s tabloid, and it’s effective.

Trump’s approach reaches the masses, and has effectively branded “Crooked Hillary.” Sure, she did a lot all on her own, but Trump will reinforce it, and it will stick, much to the chagrin of the Leftists. The Left are used having the power to establish the narratives, set the news, then decide when it’s time for things to disappear. That’s not the case anymore with reality TV star Donald Trump on the scene.

The reality show that awaits the Clintons will be a spectacle, and it will change the way Republicans fight forever. Trump is the new boilerplate for GOP politics, and that’s a good thing.

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