Oops: White Valedictorian at Black College

File this under, “At least he was raised by blacks,” as this is certainly a story to get the ire of the NAACP or other black racists.

A white guy becomes valedictorian at an Historically Black College/University?!

There goes the neighborhood?

As reported by FOX 2,

Packwood’s clashes with his stepfather forced him to make the painful choice to leave home. He was just 11 years old.

He bounced from one home to another, briefly staying with friends and family, including a stint in a trailer park with an Inuit woman who had multiple sclerosis and an upper middle class white family where both parents were successful lawyers.

Then he began to rebel. He was expelled from two different schools and had a few minor brushes with the law.

When he was 13, Packwood had just stolen a bike when he ran into Timothy Jones, a middle school classmate who considered Packwood “a troublemaking punk.” Slowly, Jones, who is black, and Packwood got to know each other better.

One day, Packwood was coming out of detention and missed his bus. He needed a place to stay so he asked Jones if he could spend the night at his house. Jones “very reluctantly” agreed, Packwood recalls.

Each night that week, Packwood asked if he could stay another night until finally Jones’ parents decided to take him in. They bought him clothes and a bed to sleep on. “They treated me just like Tim,” Packwood said, “As if I had been with them since birth.”

You must read the rest of Packwood’s story here.

But the key to this story is that a black family took this young man in. That’s how black people used to be. They saw a person in need, regardless of color and helped. Blacks were the most humane people in American society, living by the code, “There but by the grace of God go I.”

That is no longer true today, unfortunately.

America is for the most part a color-blind society. The only people seeing color are the Leftist race-pimps who profit from it.



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