Whole World Wants Hillary Clinton Arrested

Hillary Clinton spreads her tall tales of lore, as supposedly all the world leaders are blowing up her phone at 3AM to tell her that they want her as America’s new king.

And why shouldn’t we believe her, when Hillary Clinton has deleted her emails from her personal server, dazzled us with her stories of dodging missiles, explained to us about being “dead broke” when she and hubby left the White House. Then there was the Benghazi video, her speech notes to Goldman-Sachs, and a host of other “it’s her private life” issues that speak to her truthfulness.

And at a fundraiser, Hillary Clinton reiterated her claim that the the “whole world” is pulling for her to defeat Trump. Interesting, given that I don’t know anybody who wants that, and I know a lot of people in the “whole world.”

The Clinton campaign sent out a fundraising email Wednesday morning, after Trump dispatched Cruz, and the message read that it was “unimaginable” that the maverick businessman would capture the GOP nomination.

 “I don’t know how else to say it: The whole world is counting on us to win this thing. And we owe it to them to step up,” wrote Clinton staffer Christine Reynolds.
To this I make the Conservative claim that the whole world would like to see Hillary Clinton behind bars. World leaders call me almost daily wondering how this do-nothing shrew, who claims a war on women as she has built her entire existence around a man, hasn’t been confined to Leavenworth.
Clinton is the most crooked politician in history, tied with her husband. These people have accepted billions of dollars in payola, and in any civilized country they would have been jailed at the very least. There are actually some countries where they would have been executed.
The Clintons feign helping people, as they merely use people to run their Ponzi schemes.
Liberals say they care about poor people, the downtrodden of the world, and yet they present the most unscrupulous candidate for president in the history of the Republic, and she wants us to believe that world leaders want her as president.
Only the most brain-dead moron would believe that Hillary Clinton hasn’t hidden emails, setting up her server for that explicit reason. She speaks to Wall Street companies accepting $500,000+ speaking fees, because she’s helping them on the back end. She claimed poverty, with no idea of what poverty is.
There is most certainly a double-standard the Left is willing to accept, and Hillary Clinton proves that the Left have no scruples. They are pure and simply snakes, willing to sacrifice the Republic, if it means Conservatives lose.
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