Why Won’t Bernie Sanders Just Die

Everybody knows that Hillary Clinton wants to kill Bernie Sanders. She and Bill have gather their “Sanction Unit” behind the scenes, and discussed getting rid of Bernie.

Sanders’ death at this point would be too high profile, even if the Clintons did it with ricin or had Bernie’s plane fly into a mountain, and would dredge up memories of Vince Foster, or the 46 other deaths that have happened in the wake of the Clintons.

Make no mistake about it; the Clintons prefer Bernie six feet under, as in deader than disco!

The deadly duo likely figured Bernie would just die, like his namesake in the classic teen film, Weekend at Bernie’s. After all, Sanders is electrifying the youngsters, so why not throw an elaborate house party or a rave, and send 74-year old Bernie into a beautiful beach blanket bingo sunset.

Yet as Caesar grimaced of Maximus in the movie Gladiator, “Why doesn’t he just DIE!?” As Trump might say, “Bernie’s got stamina.” And Bernie Sanders remains a thorn in the Clintons’ side, and it will likely get worse, as reported in USA Today,

If Bernie Sanders wants to upend the Democratic National Convention, he’ll likely have all the tools he needs.

The Democratic nomination increasingly seemsHillary Clinton’s for the taking. But the number of pledged delegates Sanders will have collected by the time the convention begins July 25 should give him a sizable presence on convention committees and a strong voice in shaping the Democratic Party’s rules and platform to include some of his top priorities.

Tad Devine, one of Sanders’ top advisers and a veteran of contentious convention battles, said he expects “good will” at the convention between Sanders and Clinton, and agreement on a number of issues. But he raised the possibility that Sanders will play hardball if negotiations fail.

Devine said Sanders should have enough committee votes to file “minority reports” — dissents from positions held by the majority of delegates at the convention. Using that tool could mire the proceedings in debate and votes if Clinton won’t agree on issues important to Sanders.

Democratic Party rules allow for minority reports at the request of members representing 25% of total votes on the convention’s Platform, Credentials and Rules committees. Sanders has won about 45% of the pledged delegates awarded in state primaries and caucuses so far. Most committee members are awarded to candidates based on the results of those contests.

Bernie Sanders is the turd in the punch bowl, and the Clintons may just have to scoop around it and drink up.


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