Another of Obama’s Stellar Illegals Makes the Headlines

Here is a message I received from Senior Chief Geoff Ross, a retired Navy veteran. It’s a letter he sent to the Mayor of Los Angeles.

In the letter he describes the Latino that Donald Trump alluded to, which made Trump the presumptive GOP nominee…the Latino murderer.

Illegal Immigrant Johnny Sanchez, a 21 year old dirt bag cockroach  from Honduras Central America has just been charged with murder in connection with a vacant building fire in Los Angeles on Monday.

Sanchez  was in this nation illegally and had a string of arrests to his name — but the feds never deported him, this according to “ICE officials.”

The fire on Monday killed five homeless people. Four of the badly burned bodies weren’t found until Tuesday afternoon, when search dogs located them under a heap of debris on the second floor.

Illegal immigrant Sanchez lit the fire with the intent to kill, Los Angeles Police Capt. Billy Hayes said.

The suspect was charged this Wednesday with five capital murder countsand was ordered held without bail.

Illegal immigrant Sanchez  was initially arrested in 2012 for crossing the southeastern California border illegally, as per the Obama stenographers at the Los Angeles Times.

Obama has ordered the ICE authorities to release people like this back into the community because he had no criminal history or previous immigration violations at the time, even though he has broken federal immigration law, which in itself is a crime.

This illegal immigrant  was arrested again in January 2016  on suspicion of domestic violence and drug possession, officials said.

After he crossed the border, authorities reportedly placed him under supervision and ordered Sanchez to report to them regularly — but he stopped doing so in 2014, the Times adds.

Comrade Obama’s orders to ICE “Immigration and Customs Enforcement”  never started the process of deporting him, but  spokeswoman Virginia Kice said, the reason he was not arrested and deported is unclear. She told the newspaper it’s ICE policy “to focus on individuals who pose a public safety threat.”

These are actually Obama’s orders.  Nothing vague here. Obama says catch and release. The result is 5 dead homeless American’s that are treated with less respect and dignity than the Muslim – Syrian potential terrorists he is importing into this nation.

Will you Mr. Mayor file a lawsuit against the Obama Administration for being complicit in this murder for improperly failing to secure our borders and for telling ICE to stand down and release such people back onto the streets?

Will you also send the bill for all the legal costs to the government of Honduras and not the tax payers of California?

Will you support a Congressional impeachment of the President of the United States and the removal of House Speaker Paul Ryan for failing to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States; and for placing the American’s in great jeopardy in regards to the illegal immigrants invading our nation?

These all seem like reasonable requests to me. Politicians must be made to pay for their insane policies, particularly when they are not the will of the people. Obama is not a dictator, despite his acting like one.

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