The Clinton Killings Continue

Most Conservatives in America know the Clintons represent a real threat. These people have likely killed more people in America than Ebola and Swine Flu combined. Who bothers to keep up with the body count anymore, when the killings continue so readily.

In the recent case of Hillary Clinton’s IT guy, everybody asks the obvious question: “Why would a server guy plead the 5th?!” Easy answer. He did it to save his LIFE, that’s why. This is a man who knows where the digital bones are buried. He might also know more about the killings than anybody.

And as we learn from Sorcha Faal, it’s best to err on the side of caution. But not doing so, you will eventually deal with the Mafia known as The Clinton Foundation.

In what a new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today calls a “master incestuous maneuver”, the Bush Crime Family has rushed to the side of Hillary Clinton after a top United Nations official set to testify against her in a US District Court yesterday was found dead by FBI agents who were set to deliver him before a Grand Jury. [Note: Some words and phrases appearing in this report are English language approximations of Russian words and phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, former UN President John Ashe was scheduled to testify against Hillary Clinton yesterday in a New York City US District Court, but when FBI agents arrived at his Dobbs Ferry, New York, mansion he was found dead of what current UN President Mogens Lykketoft said was a heart attack—but that SVR intelligence analysts say in this report is impossible to determine prior to an autopsy being performed and medical tests conducted.

The timing of this heart attack is reminiscent of the timing of Ron Brown’s plane. Recall that Brown went on assignment for the Clinton, and his plane flew into the mountain.

At the time of his death Brown had his hand forced by the Clintons Mafia tactics. As CNN reported back then,

A former business partner of the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown testified in U.S. District Court Monday that Brown had told her President and Mrs. Clinton supported a White House plan to sell seats on international trade missions to raise campaign contributions.

Nolanda Hill, who is under federal indictment for fraudulent business practices, claimed Brown was angered when White House political operatives forced him to provide seats on trade missions as a fund-raising device.

Yet again there is a bread crumb that the Clintons will do anything for money. Remember, they did sell secrets to the Chinese for campaign contributions. Speaking of the Chinese, meet this Chinese billionaire. So far he’s avoided the killings.

As Faal continues:

Along with UN President Ashe and Chinese billionaire Seng being indicted for being a part of this massive bribery scheme to enrich the Clinton’s and fuel Hillary’s presidential run, this report notes, Francis Lorenzo, the ambassador to the UN for the Dominican Republic, and the top two executives for the Global Sustainability Foundation (GSF), Sheri Yan and Heidi Hong Piao, were, also, charged, all of whom had reached plea deals in exchange for their testimony against the Clinton’s and Seng—has had, likewise, UN President Ashe done just prior to his death.

Grimly to note too, this report continues, is that a “powerful indictor” that UN President Ashe was being targeted for death revealed itself this past January (2016) when Chinese billionaire Seng (currently under house arrest in his New York City penthouse) suddenly dropped his bid for a speedy trial—and which SVR analysts in this report attribute to his being given “assurances/guarantees” by the Clinton’s that once Hillary gained the US presidency he would pardoned.

To call the Clintons “crooked” is to demean the word crooked. How pathetic there are Americans who would vote for the true pack leader of these scoundrels. They will sell America down the river, block by block, secret by secret. And make no mistake about it, Hillary Clinton has a lust for the “killings.”

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