Crooked Hillary Clinton Is Not Winning Any Polls

The only way crooked Hillary Clinton can win the presidency is to pencil-whip Donald Trump. People are not expecting Trump to be “presidential,” they expect him to be effective.

Most Americans–yes, even Liberals–have tired of the president who acts like he knows it all, when in fact he has been the most incompetent and destructive force in American politics since forever. Trump represents the billionaire-yet-blue-collar, get-it-done dude.

So when polls report that Hillary Clinton is beating Trump, you should know that these polls are completely bogus. At best, Hillary Clinton is tied, and soon she will be a distant second.

Sierra Rayne at American Thinker validated what I’ve been saying on my radio show, since Hillary Clinton connived her way as the “presumptive” DNC nominee:

CBS News is now pushing the pro-Hillary Clinton polls in rapid fashion. Late on Wednesday, this media outlet released the results of a national poll claiming to show that Clinton holds a 6% advantage over Donald Trump in the direct head-to-head matchup.

Apparently, the poll “was conducted by telephone June 9-13, 2016 among a random sample of 1,280 adults nationwide, including 1,048 registered voters[.] … The data have been weighted to reflect U.S. Census figures on demographic variables.”

However, based on the polling details, the final weighted sample of 976 registered voters is made up of just 28% Republicans and 35% Democrats.

In the unweighted sample of registered voters, the relative percentage by party was 29% Republicans and 35% Democrats.

So, during the weighting process, the poll increased the Democrat-Republican spread from 6% to 7%. This relative weighting should have been headed in the other direction.

According to nationwide polling data, Republican Party affiliation has averaged 28% for 2016 so far, and it also averaged 28% since the start of May. This agrees well with the CBS News poll’s composition.

On the other hand, the last time the Democrats were at 35% was early March…of 2013. Since May of this year, Democratic party affiliation has averaged 29%, just 1% higher than the Republicans, not 7% higher.

As a result, this CBS News poll appears to be biased in favor of the Democrats by the same margin that Clinton purportedly holds over Trump, meaning that if the bias is removed, so is Clinton’s lead, and we have a statistical tie.

Part of the media strategy of the Left (I know, redundant) is to make it appear that crooked Hillary Clinton is likable, yes even electable. She’s so electable, that Bernie Sanders in reality beat her. Had it not been for Sanders’ fighting with mittens, he likely could have pulled an Obama from 2008.

Take heart that the media is already pulling out all stops to keep crooked Hillary Clinton in the game. It won’t last long, as the news cycle must be fed. Crooked Hillary Clinton will sell lots of commercials and ad space soon, and the media will need the money.

Watch the next two weeks, and you will see what I mean.

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