Crooked Hillary Has Gay-Hating Muslim to Thank

Hillary Clinton should ask the Devil to give Omar Mir Sediqque Mateen at least three virgins for all the help he’s given her this week.

In what would undoubtedly have been Hillary Clinton’s worse week, her shenanigans will be trumped (pun intended) by the “jihadigans” of one homophobic Islamic terrorist.

Mateen’s terrorist killing of 50 gays will bury Hillary Clinton’s email scandal involving Rajiv Fernando on Page 16 of the Entertainment section, at least for a few days.

It’s not all good news for Hillary, as the Left will have to feed on each other, as they must reconcile their love of the “religion of peace,” with the heinous crime committed by one of their own against their most vocal special interest group: the LGBT.

Furthermore, Mateen the gay-killing terrorist is also a registered Democrat. As they say in the political biz, “The optics of this is not good.”

And that’s where Donald Trump comes in. He warned America of this, something almost all Conservatives knew was just a matter of time, and not a long time at that. So Trump will remind Americans that ISIS and these types of attacks are the product of Crooked Hillary and Buckethead Barack. They will have no cover, except the same old tired lines.

  • We need to ban guns.
  • This Muslim terrorist and Islamic jihadist doesn’t represent Islam.
  • It’s America’s fault!

None of this will work, because it’s the Democrat playbook 101, and America is tired of watching its citizen die at the hands of Leftists who want us to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion.

Mateen delayed the inevitable for Hillary Clinton. The email situation is getting worse, and Trump still has a date in the octagon to deliver some ground and pound. It may have to just wait a week.

A butt kicking delayed is still a butt kicking. And the bad part is knowing it’s out there…looming.

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