Crooked Hillary Got Temporary Stay of Execution?

Hillary Clinton got a stay of execution last week, saved by the actions of a crazed American-born Muslim jihadist who killed 49 people. The fact is, Hillary Clinton has been importing terrorism since her days as Secretary of State, and even moreso in the private sector, as she and her husband own the criminal enterprise known as The Clinton Foundation.

Crooked Hillary has accepted money from more Middle Eastern men than all the call girls in LA. Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of the many millions of dollars from these Muslims is directly related to the number of Muslim terrorists popping up all over America. Hush money for allowing Islam to get a foothold where nobody would have ever dreamed.

Add to that, this story from The Telegraph of Clinton selling a spot on a national security advisory board, and you learn an important fact: for the Clintons, everything is for sale.

In 2011, when Clinton was secretary of state, a Chicago securities trader called Rajiv Fernando was given a spot on the International Security Advisory Board – a committee of scientists, politicians and experts who advise the secretary of state on nuclear weapons and other security matters. According to ABC, no one else on this prestigious and sensitive board “could figure out who Fernando was or why he was there.”

Fernando was a long-time fan of the Clintons. As well as being a big cash supporter of President Obama’s re-election effort, he was also a financial supporter of Mrs Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and a generous donor to the Clinton Foundation. ABC News decided to investigate how this generous man got his position. It found getting answers from the State Department very difficult. Fernando suddenly resigned. What was going on?

It’s only now, thanks to a freedom of information request covering the State Department, that we have a clearer idea. Newly released emails show that when ABC began its inquiries, the State Department acted quickly to “protect the name” of Mrs Clinton and to “stall” ABC’s investigation – before accepting Fernando’s resignation.

And how did Fernando’s name get added to a list of potential Board members in the first place? Simple: Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s then counsel and chief of staff, insisted that it be put there. In an email exchange, a member of staff wrote: “The true answer is simply that [Clinton’s] staff (Cheryl Mills) added him… Raj was not on the list sent to [Clinton]; he was added at their insistence.”

This story is not over. The FBI “inquiry” will resurface. The connection between radical Islam and the Clinton administration won’t be overlooked for very long.

The anvil is about to drop on the Clintons’ heads, and America will finally get its comeuppance.

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