Debating a Moderate Muslim

I was sent a message on Twitter by a young Muslim man. I felt the discussion was worthy of an article, as it gave me insight into the mind of a Muslim who believes himself to be “moderate.”

Like Obama, this young man doesn’t buy into the bad part of Islam, but only the good parts, as you will see.

For those of you who are interested in debate tactics, I ask that you note the brevity of my responses. People who are wrong believe that a lot of info is the way to win you over. As I like to say,

“Brevity is the soul of lingerie.”

And in this case, I ignore most of what he says, because his premise is built on lies. Why debate a lie?

Hassan Pt 1 unedited:

Hey Kevin. There are multiple problem with your last post about the Clintons and muslims. First, a lot of the Muslim youth in this country were born in this country. Second, you mentioned terrorism being spread into the United States via the establishment of mosques. This is simply, false. Most of the terrorism that is spread into the United States come from online activity that is posted online with the goal of inspiring individuals on the fringe to commit heinous acts against the citizens of the U.S. You also mentioned the President being a “muslim sympathizer” when in fact he’s killed more innocent muslims with the use of aerial drones, cruise-missiles, etc..My point being here is that although President Obama has reached out to muslims through dialogue and speeches here and abroad, he’s deeply despised (in the muslim world) and in the American Muslim community here in the U.S–we don’t have much a decent opinion for him, as a result of his wicked foreign policy to the global muslim community and the rest of humanity. My point to you is this: it serves no purpose to the American people when people like yourself reveal the negative attitude that you may have towards muslims, since that in of itself, has contributed more problems for the U.S. with the decision-making that has been made/proposed: Invasion of Iraq, temporary ban on muslims immigrating to the U.S., giving financial aid to secular autocrats and dictators that have suppressed religious-political movements oppressed their own people, etc…I hope you reconsider the positions/attitudes that you have against muslims, as these positions will serve nothing but against your personal interests. The level of discourse has deteriorated under the poor leadership of Donald Trump, an insecure entertainer who has always put himself before others and one who’s currently taking advantage of naive and gullible Americans that will vote for him to hold the same office that was held by Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. How sad! This is certainly not the fault of muslims, or the religion of Islam. The American people have no one to blame but themselves for the poor choices they’ve made over the last 15 years, and it is more evident than ever.

My response 1:

I appreciate your reasoned approach to me. I differ in my beliefs, however. I believe there is a group of Muslims who would happily go on their lives not threatening “infidels.” However you are far too non-vocal. The radical part of Islam is what dominates and WiLL dominate, unless it is checked. Americans are not naive, we are pragmatists. We SEE what is happening all over the world as Muslims gain more and more control through Democratic processes. Sharia Law is not American law, now should it ever be. We could debate many things about Islam, but it would take too long. When Muslims fight to destroy the radical part of Islam, then perhaps I will view things differently. Finally, you will NEVER get me to blame America for anything to do with Muslims. When Americans can live freely and openly practicing our religion in Muslim countries, you might have a leg to stand on. Further, when Muslims are as anxious to come to the aid of Americans during times of chaos, you may have a leg to stand on. I and many MILLIONS of Americans will fight the invasion of Muslims to this country, with the same fervor as Muslims have not allowed Judeo-Christian values to be part of their culture.

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