Debating a Moderate Muslim

Hassan Pt 3:

Okay. I’m going to say it again since I figured that you couldn’t comprehend any of the answers that I’ve given you. Sadly, you’re knowledge of Islam is very limited. So you shouldn’t be on the stage trying to preach anyone about what Islam is/isn’t. The reason why there’s been an influx of muslims of coming into the West, is due to the fact that there’s been war in the muslim world for much of the last decade and half. On top of that, you have secular facist governments like the Egyptian government (before and after the Muslim Brotherhood), and totalitarian dictatorships such as the Yemeni government, Tunisia government (during Ben Ali’s), the Syrian government with Assad, and the gulf states’ autocrats–all of whom have solid relations with the U.S. government. And then you wonder why many muslims overseas hate the U.S., and why many of them have to flee their homes and make new ones in other lands. Plus, why is it that the muslims overseas don’t have the same contempt for the U.S. and some of its allies and not with countries say like, Brazil, China, Mexico, and even North Korea etc..There are muslims in those countries too (with the exception of NK), and those are majority non-muslim who’s ideals and principles are inconsistent with Islam. But you only want muslims that are subservient to your own corrupt and perverted way of life. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t be hoping for muslims overseas to be governed in ways that are in-sync with your interests. Second, you’re acting like most of the muslims that are fleeing the middle east and elsewhere are strictly running to the U.S. This is utter rubbish. America’s muslim population is around 3-7 million (1-2%), and most of the muslims that are here, were either born here (like myself) or either came here in the mid-80’s and early-90’s, so this argument doesn’t hold up. Even when muslims arrive here in the U.S., the overwhelming majority of them maintain their same level of practice of faith, abide by the laws of their faith, while respecting the authority of the U.S. Constitution. So if they were running away from their own lands because of Islam, then why wouldn’t they change their religion to anything else, instead of sticking to Islam? Because Islam is not their problem? Are the such things are muslim terrorists, fanatics, radicals, and fundamentalists? Sure. But they only identify as muslim, but their actions contradict the teachings of Islam. Moreover, you mentioned that I was “raised dogmatically muslim” What fatuous nonsense! I can sense the petulant tone in your voice once you run out of argument. You don’t even know me and have never met me. But I’ve seen you embarrass yourself, conservatives, the African-American community, and the citizens of Missouri with your appearances on the FOX News Channel. On top of that, what you don’t know is that I’m a muslim by conviction. Not by parents influence, or by any other means. Islam is constructed on divine reason and wisdom. On top of that, there’s no contradiction between the laws of science and the arguments presented in the Holy Qur’an. I can defend my beliefs. You, on the contrary, didn’t even prove theological evidence within in Islam regarding my rebuttal to you about whether men are punished under Islamic law for adultery, or even rape for that matter. All you said was: “I’ve never seen a stoning video of a man” LOL. So just because you KEVIN JACKSON don’t see, means it that it’s not true. That’s nothing but denial. Even during this dialogue, you’ve kept making excuses and silly arguments about Christians in muslim countries as if there’s a moral equivalency. Give me the name of muslim countries that have invaded Christian sovereign countries within the last 15 years? Give me the name of a muslim majority country in 15 that has attempted/proposed to ban Christians from setting foot onto their respective lands? Please remind me of which muslim country did the same kind genocide that was done to Bosnian muslims at the hands of Serbian and Croatian Christians? What about the muslims that have been mistreated by Christian majority nations in the past such as: Greece, Italy, and Denmark? Oh, and why do you stay silent on when Christians are persecuted in places like China, that aren’t muslim countries. Yet, I’m not saying that what these Christians did were justified or sanctioned by Christianity–these are inconsistent with core Christian teachings. On top of that, the Qur’an recognizes when some Christians are honorable, humble, and God-fearing human beings and when some they are corrupt–it’s when some of them slander and attack Islam with false premises. The Qur’an is a just revelation, since it’s the final revelation, the final testament from God-almighty. It is God’s word, that’s been protected from human/demon corruption. The Gospel/New Testament was revealed to Jesus (PBUH). But the Gospel has expired since the departure of Jesus to the sky and it’s word has superseded by the Qur’an, from the muslim perspective. Finally, the rise of rape of the U.S. and in the western world has nothing to do Islam/muslims. This is another feeble attempt to blame muslims for your own failing way of life. Just look at the statistics. Thousands and thousands of women that are raped annually by non-muslim men here in the U.S. The rape culture has always been part of America’s misogynistic, sexist, and chauvinist character. Don’t scapegoat a few muslim criminals for America’s greater problems. You might want to ask your alma mater for them to give you money your money back for the Engineering degree that they awarded you, because this not how a rational, sane, adult articulate. Let’s face it, Kevin Jackson, you’re not a conservative when you don’t defend religious liberty for all. You can’t be a real conservative when you constantly attack the most conservative of religions when it core teachings are designed to bring out the best of humanity. You can’t be a real conservative if you like playing the race card–After all, you said that we Americans “should elect a White-Republican President”. That’s not conservatism. That’s plantation politics. On top of that, you need to be grateful of how God has created you. It seems that you feel that being black is somehow. I’m a Black-American muslim myself, and I’m grateful of the way how God created me–and I don’t use that against people of other races or against people of my race. You should’ve developed a humble, honest, uniting message as part of the platform for the Tea Party. Instead, you embraced a platform that had no vision for America, and one that did nothing for the American people. It just added more stagnation to the gridlock in Congress. I don’t always agree with Democrats, but yet they at least are more interested in reaching out to people and are able to have civil debates. The GOP on the other hand, what can I say, their debates on national TV speak for themselves–what a national disgrace. If you want to follow in their footsteps, then that’s your prerogative. But you need to be a better role for the people of the state of Missouri. You can’t be spewing non-sense, hurling personal attacks, and ignoring facts. You need to get rid of your bias towards Islam. It’s in the best interest of you and your family. Let’s me tell you one last thing: you said that you and millions of Americans are going to fight muslim immigration. Well my response is simple: “Love for your brother what you love for yourself”…That’s from the man that you so-called “conservatives” despise the most on Earth. This fight against muslim immigration is not something that you can win legally, or politically. We, US muslims aren’t going away, nor are we going to run, hide, and be silent. We will make our voices be heard in media (print media, or social) and in the voting booths. I’d suggest you do some research and some learning about what Islam is, what Islamic law consists of, and how muslims are to conduct themselves when dealing with non-muslims. It’s time for you to stop barking. It’s time for you to remove those daisy-colored glasses and learn how to KEEP IT REAL! Have a nice weekend. I’m out.

My Response Pt 3:

LOL. I give you facts, and you ignore them. Are you fighting ISIS? Al Qaeda? Or just preaching from baseless nonsense. You can TELL me all you want about Islam, but it doesn’t ignore the REALITY of it. I’m not some brain-dead Liberal who rejects reality, because you want me to understand the “good” inherent in everything. Explain ONE thing that I’ve gotten wrong. Are Muslims killing Christians in jihad? Are Muslims demanding their rights in sovereign countries? Where are the refugees coming from? Canada? The US? Scandinavia? China? OR are they mostly from Muslim countries?! You are delusional, and I am impervious to nonsense. In your own twisted reasoning, you admitted that when Muslims take over, they will ultimately impose THEIR beliefs. Well Muslim beliefs are NOT American beliefs, despite what you say. America has the Amish who are certainly not mainstream. We HONOR their belief system, as it imposes nothing on ours. They assimilate peacefully, despite all the debauchery of Western culture. Such is freedom. You seem like a nice guy, but there is no converting me to a different way of thinking about Islam. I know what it is…a cancer. I will do everything within my power to root it out of America, unless Muslims behave like the Amish. Have your community, but respect OUR laws, and live peacefully. If you spent a fraction of the time lecturing Americans in cleaning up your own act as Muslims, this discussion would be unnecessary.

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