Feminists: You Witches Have Fathers To Celebrate Too

I did this video a few days before Father’s Day, as I wanted to express my views on the importance of men.

Hillary Clinton is running on her vagina, as she and the other genitalians don’t give a crap about men. Men built this great country, and there is no where on earth where things are better for women. Feminists know this. They just need to bitch about something.

Fathers are important. In fact, without fathers there are no people. Yes, women do the heavy lifting, but good men pull their weight after the child is born.

Having a deadbeat father makes me appreciate the good ones. I know many. And step-fathers, you are given that lofty title of “step,” because you have STEPPED UP!

So to hell with Hillary Clinton and the other genitalians who think men are misogynists and rapist. Good men are all over, and we are amazing!

#BlackFathersMatter and #AllFathersMatter



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