Guess What Obama Will Do to Commemorate D-Day?

The VA has vets on waiting lists, where many are dying, and Obama will “get right on that.” Meanwhile, vets remain on VA waiting list, and continue to die.

That’s how Obama problem-solves. The smartest president ever just using his magic “I’m black and America sucks” words, and Liberals don’t care what the moron does.

How many ways can Obama show that he doesn’t care about veterans? Trump raised over $5 million for veterans and was attacked by the media. Did Obama publicly commend Trump for his actions?

Oh hell no! Obama said that Trump was “rattling” world leaders. Because the opinions of world leaders is what Obama cares about more than commending a private citizen who is doing a better job for veterans than the president.

Today is D-Day. And what is Obama doing? He’s not somewhere honoring our veterans. He didn’t invite military leaders and veterans to the White House, instead bringing the Denver Broncos.

This didn’t sit well with baseball great, Curt Schilling, who posted this on Facebook:

I’m now 100% convinced the President has absolutely zero concern with public opinion OR he’s subliminally telling us all to fuck off. On June 6th, 2016, the anniversary of the greatest invasion mankind has ever known, headed by our Greatest Generation, this ass invited the Denver Broncos to the White House. Screw logistics, you’re the president, you get what you want when you want it, this is again an intentional slight at our past, what an asshole. It pains me to say things like that about our President but he clearly doesn’t give a shit.

Schilling is right. Obama has no feeling for veterans in his soul. They are a necessary evil of imperialist America.

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