Has-Been Olbermann Comments on Trump

Fathead Keith Olbergeek has decided to ride the Trump train. No, he’s not for Trump, but he is for drafting off of Trump.

Failed politico-turned-sportcaster again Olbermann claims that Trump has gotten a pass from the media. Like when Megyn Kelly asked him about his treatment of women? That was certainly treating Trump with kids’ gloves as Trump threw his hissy fit, and raised what $5.6 million for veterans. Which leads me to my next observation.

With real media, a man raising millions of dollars for charity gets good press, unless you are “getting a pass,” as Olberdunce says. Let me help the Liberals who read my work. While Trump was RAISING millions of dollars for veterans, Hillary Clinton and her extortion group known as, well, The Clintons were getting money from rich white Liberals, so they could all pretend to help black people, yet actually do nothing for black people. Trump raised $5.6 million as The Clintons pocketed millions.

I think I see how guest columnist in The Hollywood Reporter, the former MSNBC and ESPN host suggested that the media catered to Trump for ratings while failing to ask him hard questions for fear that he would shun them out.

The press, according to former MSNBC stooge Olberpunk is the reason Trump is the GOP nominee. It has nothing to do with:

  • Do-nothing Republlicans
  • The worst candidate in Democrat history, (Yes, worse than Obama…I KNOW!)
  • Trump’s ability to speak to the idiots who normally just cast their vote for the person handing out the most money, ergo Liberals

Olberpuke has his finger on the pulse with this quote:

“Polarization of news is not new, but its failure to ask the candidate tough questions — the ones that might cause him to refuse to call in to your morning show or provide hours of free TV content — will be the legacy of Campaign 2016.

I think the legacy of Campaign 2016 will be that media could NOT control the cycle, and thus politics may have been changed forever by a dude with funny hair.

It’s no wonder Olberbuns is now back to sports, because he doesn’t know dick about politics.



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