Hillary Clinton Defense: Nobody Died

There is just no way around knowing the truth about Hillary Clinton and her emails. World leaders cannot wait to extort this shrew should she become president, which thankfully will not happen. Nevertheless, that doesn’t lessen the problem.

This didn’t stop Madeline Albright from defending Clinton, saying, [pp] “Nobody was killed because of the emails.”

To Albright I say, “How do we know?”

Furthermore, nice try at downplaying the exposing of national security secrets and the malfeasance of the Clintons!

Hillary Clinton set this server up to thwart the system, so she and her criminal partners–Chelsea and Bill–could commit high crimes and make lots of money.

Hillary Clinton didn’t like being dead broke, only having millions. Why have millions, when you can have HUNDREDS of millions, possibly billions. The Clintons want to have “elite” state, platinum cards, and Hillary Clinton would insure that the Clintons never wanted for “dead broke” millions ever again. That cutting it a bit too close.

Hillary Clinton needed a way to cover up her shenanigans, thus the private server. This private server was blatant disregard of the guidance from the State Department, as Clinton broke federal standards, thus leaving sensitive material accessible to hackers. This information came from a State Department audit. Her aides twice brushed aside concerns, and in one case the tech staff was warned that  “the matter was not to be discussed further.”

We learned from the inspector general’s review released on Wednesday that hackers attempted to penetrate Clinton’s server (which we now believe did happen). Further, hacking attempts forced then-Secretary of State Clinton off email at one point in 2011. Clinton insists that her server was never penetrated, but speculation is this is not true, and Clinton’s emails were indeed hacked.

Clinton and several of her senior staff declined to be interviewed for the investigation. Others have taken the Fifth, or had emails conveniently deleted.

Keep in mind that earlier this month, Clinton declared that she was happy to “talk to anybody, anytime” about the matter and would encourage her staff to do the same. I guess we have a new definition of encourage, perhaps “threaten to kill anyone who does” is appropriate?

Lesser mortals would be jailed by now, and certainly wouldn’t have the balls to run for president. But as Bill Clinton once said, “You haven’t seen the size of Hillary’s balls!” OK, he never said that, but he likely thought it.

Hillary Clinton has balls, and not just proverbial. Despite her toughness, the darkness is closing in around her, and it’s not the specter of Barack Obama. It’s the FBI, the State Department, the normally friendly Leftist media, and finally Democrats.

America will breathe a sigh of relief, when we break up this extortion racket, and get these serial killers and psychopaths off the streets and out of politics.


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