Hillary Clinton’s Hit List: Huma Abedin and Patrick Kennedy

Is anybody associated with the Clintons afraid of the Fed? The Fed is bad ass, but the Clintons are a menace, and they have the dead people to prove it.

When you can kill with immunity, why worry about the FBI? It’s only Conservatives who need worry about things like the IRS, EPA, OSHA and such, as we watch the elite commit the most heinous of crimes, and laugh in our faces.

Nevertheless, America will be treated to yet another dog and pony show, according to the NY Post. This one involves two people who are undoubtedly on the Clinton Sanction list, i.e. people the Clintons might have to kill.

The aide closest to Hillary Clinton will be deposed Tuesday about her emails.

Huma Abedin, who worked her way up from White House intern to vice chair of Clinton’s campaign for president, will be questioned under oath by lawyers for lawyers of the conservative group Judicial Watch about her involvement with her boss’ private email system.

The deposition comes more than a month after DC District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1994, granted Judicial Watch the right to interrogate Clinton aides as part of a Freedom of Information lawsuit to secure emails that should have been open to public review.

Patrick Kennedy, undersecretary for management at the State Department, will also be deposed by Judicial Watch lawyers on Wednesday.

One can only imagine the fear these two people have, as they must consider jail or “death by Clinton.” It is truly no joking matter, as when the Clintons are under fire, they apply scorched earth tactics, and nobody survives…except the Clintons.

Why else does a lowly IT guy take the 5th, dozens of times? This man obviously is astute, and knows the body count of the Clintons which approaches 50 by my count. The Clintons may very well be the biggest serial killers in America!

The question America should be asking itself is how they get away with this? I believe there are so many people–powerful people–who would go down if the Clinton goes down that this would be the destruction of the Democrats and Liberalism in general.


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