Irene Martin: Hide a Terrorist Get a Medal

We know that Obama’s administration condones terrorism, but even this is beyond the pale.

As reported by Rick Wells, that’s exactly what happened recently with Irene Martin:

For some reason Homeland “Security” Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson and Hussein Obama are not only vilifying those who point to potential terrorist threats in an effort to defend Americans from within DHS, a department supposedly created to enhance efforts to fight terrorism, they are rewarding those who obstruct those efforts.

Irene Martin is the head of the San Bernardino U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office. Last December she obstructed and delayed five armed DHS agents attempting to track down Enrique Marquez, the suspected accomplice of the San Bernardino terrorists. Marquez had an appointment with Martin scheduled for that day, the reason the officers were at the USCIS office attempting to make an arrest.

The truth is Obama should have been arrested at least 10 times for treason. He’s a traitor, but the Republicans have allowed his lawlessness, because they fear the repercussions of making Obama live up to the Constitution.This is why Obama hires people like Irene Martin, filling his administration full of traitors to America.

And the hubris to give awards to administration officials who thwart the law. The Republicans are not only afraid of the repercussions of impeaching Obama. They also fear holding anybody in his administration accountable. In short, the Republicans seem afraid of everybody.

Read more about how lawbreaker Irene Martin is up for the Secretary’s Award for Valor.

Recall that after the Benghazi debacle, Susan Rice was ultimately promoted. Then there is Jeh Johnson, yet another wholly incompetent head of the Department of Homeland Security. This man still doesn’t believe we have a War on Terror.

Finally there is the woman who would be king, crooked Hillary Clinton. After an amazing record of failure by Hillary Clinton, Leftists are determined to put her in charge of the country.

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