Letters from Obama’s Father: No Mention of Barack or His Mother

Surprise, surprise. Obama’s supposed father left some letters laying around, and he writes about everything but his white wife and his son.

A Kenyan coming to America, a new culture and a white woman, but no mention in his diary of sorts.

That’s because Obama is not Barack Obama’s real father.

As reported in the Daily Mail,

Discovered by archivist Christine McKay, the letters include almost two dozen written by Obama’s father as well as transcripts from The University of Hawaii and Harvard, and references from friends and professors.

The letters – many typed, some written – show Barack Hussein Obama Sr as a 22-year-old Kenyan clerk frustrated with his lot in life and a craving to broaden his knowledge in the US.

Hoping to become a high-ranking economist in the Kenyan government, his persistent pursuit of financial assistance and studies took him first to the University of Hawaii and then to Harvard.

In letters from his university years, he boasts of a series of A’s (and, he’s disappointed to admit, B’s) and marvels at the cost of living in America.

One letter from his time at the University of Hawaii – where he met Ann Dunham, Obama Jr’s mother – show him delighting at the temperate climate. ‘One would not know that it is winter,’ he enthuses.

In another, from 1962 – one year before his son’s birth, he wrote a student assistance program for help funding his Harvard studies: ‘The cost of living is very high in Boston area (sic) here.

‘In fact I am surprised that even a hamburger is 50 cents here, a thing I never experienced before.’

But just as telling are the absences. At no point does he mention marrying Durham, nor the birth of Barack Obama Jr on August 4, 1961.

Even in a grant application form written during his time at Harvard in 1963, he leaves a section asking about marital status and number of dependents blank.

Frankly, I don’t care if Obama was born in Hawaii or the planet Mars, he’s still anti-American.

I don’t think Obama knows his real daddy, though Frank Marshall Davis is said to be his father, by some. But what this “trove” of writings suggests is that Obama the Elder has no idea about a wife or a child, at least not in America.


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