LGBT Better Thank the Cops and the Tea Party Community

I’d like the LGBT community, the people I like to call the “genitalians” to get off your “how I have sex matters” asses and start thanking a few people.

First, THANK A COP! If it weren’t for cops, the Muslim extremist would have killed many more of their gay brethren, or whatever they want to call themselves. While the LGBT sat around watching the freaks of the #BlackLivesMatter movement denigrate cops, the very same cops were protecting your sissy asses all over the country. And in the case of Orlando, had it not been for those well-trained officers, heavily-armed police officers, there undoubtedly would have been many more dead members of the LGBT community.

Next, while they’re thanking the cops, thank the NRA for fighting for the guns that ultimately killed that Muslim scumbag who shot over 100 of your bros, killing 50. For those of you keeping count:

  • Gun used in illegal act, ONE.

  • Guns used legally and for the right reason, DOZENS!

Guns didn’t kill your pansy asses; a radical Muslim did.

Thank the Tea Party Community. That’s right, thank us!

The Tea Party Community has been warning you and your Leftist “otheren” about Muslims for quite some time. We have discussed the Muslim terror cells in ALL 50 states, and warning all of America that Muslims hate us all universally, and there is no reasoning with them.

While the Tea Party Community may not agree with your lifestyle, we fight for your rights under the Constitution for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Note the first of those rights…LIFE!

Christian Conservatives are not throwing gays off buildings, as the Muslims did recently in Egypt. Frankly, most Conservatives don’t care about your sexuality. We do care about your continual need to flaunt your sexual deviancy in our faces. Yes, deviancy.

We are all deviant in something, yours just happens to be with sexuality. Get over it. It’s not a condemnation, it’s just a fact. Civilization could not exist with your deviancy, and in fact you should thank the NOT Gay community for the fact that you are here.

The LGBT community fights to steal the word marriage, knowing that marriage is no doubt between a man and woman. You know Conservatives don’t care about your unions, but we do care about our word MARRIAGE, a word you (and Leftist in general) constantly want to steal.

Get “Larried,” ladies, or “garried,” guys, but you can’t get MARRIED, even if Obama and his gay-friendly judges say you can.

That said, regardless of you spitting in the face of our religion, we don’t kill you, nor do we want to. We just want you to grow the f*ck up, and learn how to live in a world that would have you in it, if it weren’t for us. YOU’RE WELCOME!

The Muslims on the other hand want you dead.

And this Muslim man who saw two of you kissing it was reported, decided to shoot up a nightclub. Not just because you are gay, but because it’s AGAINST HIS RELIGION. Maybe now you will listen to us, and understand that we can disagree on sexuality, but not in what it takes to preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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