Marines Go Gender-Neutral

The military has been made gay, and now there is a new initiative to make at least the Marines gender-neutral.

Apparently America has needed a serious makeover (pardon the pun) given our politically correct times. The change in terminology for the Marines was warranted.

If a woman can be president (she won’t) in America, we certainly can see the need to take the MAN out of “maRInE.”

According to NBC News, any title with man is persona non grata, even if a man fills the role. The sexually insensitive term “man” simply has no place in the Marines.

Nearly six months after the Pentagon opened all military combat roles to women, the Marine Corps is making the change official in name — doing away with the word “man” in nearly two dozen job titles, NBC News confirmed.

The Marines in the next few days will announce gender-neutral name changes to 19 roles — a move ordered by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, the Marine Corps Times first reported.

The word “man” will be replaced with “Marine.”

I’m sure this move will make woman (and of course Liberals) feel so much better. This move will make some Leftist company a lot of money for people to do a “find” for MAN, in order to “replace” it with MARINE. A $50,000,000 contract seems about right for this sort of nonsense.

Just when we paid to rewrite the manuals for LGB sensitivity, now this. Next came the demand to allow the T, thus the full LGBT is represented. Perhaps they should have just removed MAN in the beginning and saved the taxpayers lots of aggravation AND money.

Where does gender-neutral end? Will it one day be a crime to refer to people by gender? Maybe one day the Marines won’t have to concern themselves with such trivialities, and will just be allowed to fight, when necessary. I seem to believe that’s their charter.



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