McCain Will NOT Be AZ Senator for 6th Term

John McCain would be 80 years old, if he were to serve as the Senator from Arizona again. Don’t worry Arizona; he won’t.

Kelli Ward will be the next senator from Arizona, as the Tea Party Community has decided McCain’s time is up.

There simply has been no worse Republican to the Tea Party Community than John McCain. The most prolific movement in political history, and McCain has mocked us incessantly, siding with Leftists.

The time for talk has ended, so McCain is toast. He blames Trump, as reported by CBS News.

But in his own words, he’s facing the “race of his life” this year to get reelected–and in large part, that is because of Donald Trump.

In the wake of Trump’s rise as the presumed Republican standard-bearer this fall, there’s been a lot of discussion about the ways in which Trump at the top of the ticket could further endanger Senate Republicans who were already in for tough reelection battles, as well as making competitive races that otherwise should have been fairly certain Republican victories.

Instead of standing up for American citizens and protecting them from the scourge of Liberalism and theft at the ballot box, McCain has been complicit. The article continues,

Nowhere is that second dynamic more true than in Arizona, a red state–increasingly purple–with a growing Latino population that has perennially put the state on Democrats’ electoral wish list in recent years. Four years ago, now-Sen. Jeff Flake defeated Democrat Richard Carmona in that year’s Senate race by just 4 points; Arizona operatives in both parties suggest this year could be even closer.

McCain is out of touch. At 80 years old, this fool should have Left the Senate at least two terms ago. He is the transistor radio of the Senate, and we are now streaming music digitally, if you get my drift.

How long do we allow McCain to live on his war record? I say, “Thanks, great great great Grandpa, now it’s time you go salmon fishing and leave the country to us.” Or do what the Clintons have done, and go pretend to help some Africans.

I would feel sorry for this old fool, except he’s rich and has a trophy wife. That would be, and certainly should be enough to make a normal, non-egotistical guy retire. After all, Viagra’s been around for quite some time now, so no more excuses, JohnBoy. Wife not feeling you? No problemo, Amigo, as you’d think he’d prefer to die in bed at one of those whatever number of homes with one of his many Mexican maids, but the aphrodisiac of power is apparently intoxicating. What’s this guy want to do, die in chamber?

I’m tired of thanking McCain for his service. His disservice to Conservatives has more than paid for his service to the country. His military muscle-memory has atrophied, and it’s time for real change. This man is a disgrace to Arizona taxpaying American citizens, as he has pandered to special interests, so the statute of limitations for protecting him ends for me now.

Dr. Kelli Ward will be the next Senator from Arizona.


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