Mexico: You Suck As a Neighbor

You know the saying, “Repeat the lie, and it will eventually become the truth.” So it is with Leftists and ignorant Mexicans on immigration. They want Americans to believe that millions of illegal Mexicans adds to the fabric of the United States.

I rather like our indigenous Americans of Mexican descent. They have done a fantastic job representing, and have certainly improved America. So have the many Mexicans who have come to America legally.

 As an American (who happens to be black), I will speak on behalf of a lot of other Americans of all ethnicities, including those of Mexican descent: we will NEVER buy into the notion of illegal immigration being good for America!

Vincente Fox said that America and Mexico need to be “good neighbors.” Let’s look at the relationship.

Does America send millions of our citizens into Mexico illegally, draining their economy? Do we send non-Spanish-speaking citizens to slow down their education system? Are we scheming to get money on Mexico’s welfare system (do they even have one), and then send our money home? Are Americans flooding the hospital waiting rooms, crippling healthcare with no remorse.

No, no, no, and NO! Because there aren’t enough Americans (illegal or otherwise) living in Mexico to throw a good house party.

America have given Mexico billions of dollars, and we are the bulk of their legal economy. We’ve built huge manufacturing plants (Maquilladores) on the border, and have major companies moving there all the time. If it weren’t for American companies, Mexico would be devastated economically. And it doesn’t end there.

Sad to say, but America is the bulk of Mexico’s illegal economy. Drugs from Mexico to the US account for a huge piece of Mexico’s GDP.

With all the money and jobs America has provided to Mexico, the country remains a 3rd-World armpit. Exactly how much more can we do for those who apparently are unwilling to help themselves. Mexico should be embarrassed that so many of its citizens are fleeing the country. What a condemnation.

Mexicans and the Liberals who pathetically support their nonsense on illegals can plant their lips on my big black buttocks, as I’m done listening to them.

Respect our country, or we will shut you down. It’s far past time that these people began thanking us, instead of acting like entitled Liberals. Building the wall can be the least of their concerns, if America decides to be a lot less neighborly.

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