Michelle Obama Dumps on Men in Time for Father’s Day

Feminists like Michelle Obama and her wife, Barack have ruined this country.

Men built America, and they had GREAT women who helped. These women kept the family farms working, and raised the children, among other things.

Today, women do the jobs formerly known as a “man’s” job, and have reached full equality.

I can’t speak for pansy-ass Liberal men, but I know that Conservative men value women, beyond men. We understand that woman are the cradle of civilization, and it is our jobs to protect and exalt women.

But the feminists want men gone. Men who have fought wars, so these shrews can spit their venom. And that’s exactly what Michelle Obama did.

While talking to Oprah, Michelle Obama said that men need to “be better.”

Well she’s talking about metrosexual pansy Liberal men, because Conservative men are the best. The fact is, Liberal woman are the ones who need to be better. They suck at being women.

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