Remember When Gay Bashing Was the Rage

Remember the school boy prank of gay bashing. It was a horrible thing to do. Truth be told, the bashing was not just for gays, but anybody who wouldn’t fight back.

I remember after a workout one of my martial arts training partners and I saw a guy enter the shower. I was another area, and didn’t recognize the man who had entered. My friend said, “He’s the middle-weight champion of this region…and he’s gay.”

I said, “Oh.” End of conversation.

But I did reflect back on those school boy shenanigans of the gay-bashers (I knew of none), and thought,

“I bet gay-bashers wouldn’t see that guy coming. Anybody who attacks him will get a serious ass-kicking.”

I’m thinking the same thing for this Muslim scholar. He has a much more sinister plan for gays, however.

Two months ago in Orlando, FL, this Muslim (terrorist) informed the world that it is compassionate to get rid of gays; to give them the death sentence.

His comments take gay-bashing to a whole other level, I’d say. I can even see his very Liberal approach: compassion for the gays, as he means to kill them. Right out of the Alinsky playbook.


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