Muslims Attack Music Fans

Conservatives have been telling the world about Islam, but the world refuses to listen. Soon the only safe place for non-Muslims will be in a Conservative compound, as this group of Radiohead fans found out the hard way.

As reported by CNN,

A group of men attacked fans at a Radiohead listening party Friday in Istanbul, apparently angry the fans were drinking during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Amateur video — reported to have been live-streamed on Periscope — appears to have captured the incident. In the video, the unidentified attackers enter the store shouting “close it, close it down” aggressively as attendees were listening to Radiohead’s newly launched album “A Moon Shaped Pool.”

The video shows the assailants, thought to be from the neighborhood, roughly removing one person from the store. After a few moments of yelling outside the shop, one of the attackers in a white shirt is seen returning and shouting at the remaining handful of people to get out of the store.

These animals have no right dictating what people listen to or anything else, regardless of Ramadan. Muslims are being treated the same way black thugs in America are treated–they are being coddled.

You can’t say anything negative about whatever they do, whether it’s rape in Cologne (and all over the world,), beatings as this in Turkey, or beheadings all over the world. The Muslim sympathizers want people to strike back.

One day people will follow the Russians who attacked a group of marauding Muslims. Non-Muslims need to understand now that we are indeed at war with Islam, whether Liberals want to admit that or not.


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