New Evidence: The Freddie Gray Farce

The taxpayers of Baltimore paid $6.8 million to a fraud. Aside from the gross miscarriage of justice that has six police officers under fire, because the Mayor and state’s attorney wanted to railroad the police to further their own careers.

As many have postulated, Freddie Gray likely hurt himself. As Yahoo reported:

Judge Barry Williams was visibly angry in the Baltimore court, but he did not dismiss the charges against police officer Caesar Goodson, as his attorneys had requested. Williams is giving prosecutors until Monday to disclose any other relevant evidence they have withheld. Goodson was the driver of the van during the arrest of Gray, 25, last year.

Goodson’s attorneys have argued that prosecutors withheld statements made last year by Donta Allen, a key witness. Allen was picked up by the Baltimore police van after Gray.

In his original statement to police in April last year, Allen said he heard banging coming from Gray’s side of the vehicle. He gave a similar statement in a separate interview with prosecutors a month later, but the state never turned it over as evidence to defense attorneys. Williams found today that prosecutors committed a Brady violation — after Brady v. Maryland, a 1963 Supreme Court decision requiring prosecutors to disclose evidence that would aid the defense — because Allen’s May 2015 statement was deemed exculpatory evidence.

In other words, Allen likely heard Freddie Gray hurting himself. I know there are people who don’t think criminals will try to trump up charges against police, likely because stupid Liberals believe criminals to be the GOOD GUYS!

Freddie Gray was KNOWN for faking injuries. The Baltimore Sun ran an article about Gray’s “cash for crash” schemes.

“The state doesn’t get to decide whether or not to disclose information,” defense attorney Andrew Graham said. “The state sat on it for over a year. It’s not up to them to make that decision. Even a small piece of evidence may make a difference. It’s not fair to the defense.”

According to the attorney defending one of the officers, they wouldn’t have gotten the information. The prosecutors were not going to step forward, preferring the frontier justice America has gotten used to when Liberals conspire to help the low-life criminals.

That God the attorney for Allen got a conscience and divulged this latest revelation.

Don’t expect anything to change, as the Left is still the lying lecherous Leftists.


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