Obama the Convenient Christian

It’s funny how Obama invokes Christianity, when he wants to get something passed, usually for gays.

Whether it’s overturning the Defense of Marriage Act or his most recent gay legislation, Obama reminds Christians of our duty.

Breitbart chronicled this,

President Barack Obama defended his decision to open up bathrooms to students of both sexes based on preference, citing his religious faith as a reason he decided to do it.

“My reading of scripture tells me that that [the] Golden Rule is pretty high up there in terms of my Christian belief,” he said during a town hall in Elkhart, Indiana.

Then Obama was asked by local resident Arvis Dawson why he decided to make it such an issue?

“What happened and what continues to happen is you have transgender kids in schools and they get bullied and they get ostracized and it’s tough for them,” Obama said, saying that in the past, students were forced to suffer silently.

“It’s not like I woke up one day and I said, man, you know what we really need to do is let’s start working on high school bathrooms,” he insisted, saying he was already more focused on ISIS.

Has anybody ever asked Obama why he hasn’t questioned Muslims on their views of the LGBT community? Why must Christians always be circumspect, when in fact most of us don’t give a rat’s butt about gays. We have been dealing with gays for a long time. We will never agree with their lifestyle, but we won’t throw them off building or burn them to death.

Obama went on to explain how these students are treated in schools in America. He explained that transgender students “might not even feel comfortable going to the bathroom” which was a “tough situation” that he wanted to alleviate.

Nice. And what of the Muslims? What is Obama doing to help the LGBT community with the religion of peace? Absolutely nothing.


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