Prosecuting Illegals: Paul Ryan As Useless As a Screen Door on a Submarine

Conservative Republican Americans need to understand that our representatives are too weak, and need to go.

For every one move we might like by Republicans, we must take five shots to the groin to get it.

The most recent boot heel to our naughty bits comes from Paul Ryan as reported in Red Flag News.

Kate’s Law—named in honor of Kate Steinle—would increase the penalty for illegal immigrants who return to the U.S. after being deported. Last year, Steinle was gunned down in broad daylight by a five-time deported criminal alien. In congressional testimony last summer, Steinle’s father recalled holding his daughter in his arms as she was bleeding to death and hearing her dying words: “Help me, Dad.”

On his Wednesday program, Bill O’Reilly pressed Ryan—who is the leader of the pro-illegal immigration wing of the Republican Party—on why the House has yet to push Kate’s Law nearly a year after her murder:

O’Reilly: “Right now we have a system where we can’t protect Americans from violent criminal aliens, who defy deportation four, five, six times. We still can’t protect Kate Steinle, a 32 year-old woman in San Francisco from being killed. Kate’s Law would make it easier for the authorities to apprehend foreign criminals … and it would also provide mandatory sentences just for defying deportation. And Congress can’t get it done, and the folks don’t understand why.”

Ryan: “Well, first of all, the guy shouldn’t have been here in the first place if we actually enforced our immigration laws. That’s point one. Point two: we have to take after sanctuary cities. We have to deal with—and we’ve been doing this through the appropriations process—we have to deal with cities that are openly defying our immigration laws because that gives safe haven to people like this—so that’s point one, two. Point three: what we have to figure out is how do we write Kate’s Law so that we’re not clogging up our jails so much for, say, DUI, but for the true violent criminals? … We need to get the details right so that we actually are going after the people that are doing this. … Trust me, you know we’re frustrated about this.”

I agree with Ryan that we don’t need Kate’s Law, so why am I upset with him?

Liberals are ignoring existing laws, and the Republicans do NOTHING. Are we not in control of Congress?

How about a law that allows any citizen wronged by an illegal to sue the “sanctuary city” into oblivion, as well as all politicians and “law-unenforcement” individuals involved?

Then sue the state.

How can these legislators who allow crimes to be committed against cities be allowed to keep their jobs?

The Republicans seem to lack any ingenuity to put the Leftists on tilt, as they are constantly on defense. Again, Ryan is right. Enforce our existing immigration laws.

Are the Democrats who allow terrorists in our midst going to do it? Do your freaking JOB, Paul Ryan! Implement laws that will break the backs of those who would allow our laws to be broken.


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