McKelvey: Race-Baiting Fraud Sentenced to Jail

If more race-baiting fraud were arrested, we would have a lot less race-pimping in this country. This story is about Kayla McKelvey, a 25-year old student who tweeted threats from a Kean University library.

She did so because she wanted more people to attend a November 2015 rally about supposedly black oppression on her campus.

After tweeting, McKelvey returned to the rally to tell people about the threats, in hopes of getting herself fame and fortune.

More details are here at ABC News,

A former leader of a black student group was sentenced Friday to 90 days in jail for tweeting anonymous threats against fellow black college students in an attempt to raise awareness about racial issues on campus.

Kayla McKelvey pleaded guilty in April to creating a false public alarm. She had sought to be allowed to enter a pretrial intervention program that would have allowed her to avoid jail time, but a judge denied the motion a few days before her guilty plea.

Under terms of her sentencing imposed Friday in Union County, McKelvey also will serve five years’ probation, serve 100 hours in a labor assistance program with the county sheriff’s department and undergo anger management and counseling.

I’m glad this judge didn’t let McKelvey get away with no jail time. These frauds need to spend time in jail, so they can appreciate having their rights stripped away. That’s what she is fraudulently trying to do to Conservatives, as she feigns oppression that is not occurring in America.

But  it’s not all McKelvey’s fault, as this type of lawlessness has been encouraged by the Left. McKelvey has watched people like Deray McKesson and Shaun King rise to prominence on fraudulent issues, so why not get that gold ring.

In a statement to the court, McKelvey apologized for sending the messages and said her intent had been to raise awareness but she had gone about it the wrong way.

Her intent was to raise awareness? Awareness to what? These kids are delusional in their thinking. There is nothing to be aware of, except her want to gain fame and fortune.

And that fame is fleeting, as McKesson found out in his run to be the new mayor of Baltimore. He lost…BIG. The #BlackLivesMatter movement has lost big, because it was sham from the beginning.

We need to send support to this judge for doing the right thing. He sent a message that you are not to trifle with the truth.



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