Reporter Attacked: Think Black Liberals Care About Telemundo

How about this message to “Speak English!”

Watch as this Hispanic female reporter, Iris Delgado from Philadelphia’s Telemundo 62 is attacked live on air. Her attacker is a black woman from Philly.

Talk about your “War on Women.” I’m thinking that black woman wanted the job Liberals say Americans are not willing to do?

“Excuse me…excuse me…BAM, I’ll take that job paying $200,000 a year, Iris!”

Maybe the two will work things out during Black History Month. If not, hopefully things will be patched up by Cindo de Mayo?

There has been no coverage of this incident that happened live on air. No #BrownLivesMatter movement financed by white Liberals, and Telemundo has essentially burned the footage. Interesting, huh!

I can only imagine the outrage if the assailant had been white.

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