Students Demand Sanctuary College Campus for Illegals

In case you didn’t think trespassing illegal criminals weren’t bad enough, check out this story.

According to Campus Reform:

Students at the University of California, San Diego are demanding that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) be banned in order to make UCSD a “sanctuary campus.”

Two student groups, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan and Migrant Rights Awareness, declare in their list of demands that they “stand in solidarity against the xenophobia and racism perpetuated through the ‘chalkening’ incidents that occurred at the University of California, San Diego.”

“We demand that UC San Diego become a sanctuary campus immediately, banning all Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from collaborating with or operating within the university.”

The students are upset at Donald Trump apparently, and condemn pro-Trump messages. That’s right, illegals want to rid America of our 1st Amendment rights, as they explain what their event was all about.

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“This event is not an isolated incident but rather is part of a widespread phenomenon that affects both potential and current students at institutions of higher education, at UCSD, and in other institutions across the nation,” the groups write. “As a community we demand from our institution that statements that incite violence or oppress students of color are no longer tolerated, but rather are accounted for.”

Check out their list of demands.
  • Complete removal of ICE from campus, along with a requirement that the UCSD police department sever all ties with the United States Border Patrol (USBP) and a prohibition against either agency participating in any career fair or job recruitment events hosted by the university.

“We demand that UC San Diego become a sanctuary campus immediately, banning all Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from collaborating with or operating within the university,” the groups state.

The next demand is that the UCSD police department be “trained on bias within their department, and within the university as a whole, including but is [sic] not limited to racist, homophobic, xenophobic, gendered, transphobic” trends.

Note how the illegal trespassing criminals are so inclusive of the rights of other “oppressed” groups in America.

It never goes unnoticed by me that these assholes come from their Third World armpit, only to come to America to criticize us. The Mexican Mecca, where drug lords reign, and poverty greets everybody except the elite and the most corrupt.

As mentioned earlier, the students next demand is that the school take legal action against those responsible for the pro-Trump messages, demanding “educational as well as disciplinary consequences for the perpetrators of such actions,” even though the group also claims that it is “not the intention of this movement to condemn the ability to chalk these statements.”

Finally, they demand specialized housing for various ethnic groups on campus by Fall 2017, the  deadline for the creation of permanent campus housing communities for Muslims and “undocumented” students in addition to “Multicultural Housing, Black/African Diaspora Housing, [and] Raza Interest Housing.” Each community would receive support and input from a relevant student organization, and would technically be open to all students.

Well at least they aren’t asking for much.


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