Studying Islamophobia at the Taxpayer Expense

I will be completely honest. I’m sick of discussing Muslims. I have nothing against Muslims in the big picture. In other words, like most Americans, I’m a live and let live kind of person.

In America we are no strangers to different cultures, and have proven time and again our acceptance. This is not the case with Muslims. Talk about a one-way street.

Time after time Obama and other Leftist chastise us after the Muslims have done something to us. Well eff that nonsense.

But society at large allows this, because we’ve become too afraid to speak out about it, which is why we are complicit, actually funding these radicals.

As Me Forum reports,

“Before I get started, I just wanted to say that we are meeting on stolen indigenous people’s land. That’s really important to acknowledge.” So declared San Francisco State University race and resistance studies professor Rabab Abdulhadi, at the University of California, Berkeley’s Seventh Annual International Islamophobia Conference in April.

Abdulhadi’s seemingly disjointed declaration was typical of the post-colonial, “intersectionality”-driven jargon of the entire conference, which sought to link the mythical plight of America’s prosperous, content Muslim population, with the struggles of every oppressed minority known to man. It was also an opportunity for two academic centers at opposite ends of the country to join forces and promote what was euphemistically referred to at the 2015 UC Berkeley conference as “Islamophobia studies.”

While UC Berkeley Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project (IRDP) director and conference convener Hatem Bazian gave the opening remarks, John Esposito, founding director of Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (ACMCU) and project director of ACMCU’s Bridge Initiative, “a multi-year research project that connects the academic study of Islamophobia with the public square,” was the undisputed star.

These radicals are in all segments of our society. They’ve been lurking for decades, and under Obama, they were like a bacteria in a warm moist environment.

Only Americans with sanity can stem the tide. I know I will never stop fighting against those who want to change this great country.

My team will attack and weed out these people, calling them out at every turn. We will send them underground, and then we will pour water down the holes.



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