Stupid Post-Orlando Gay Comments

Gay people are distorted. Everybody is out to get them, when most people don’t give a rat’s ass about these pansies. The exception as we have seen in Orlando is Muslims.

But then again, Muslims are out to get every non-Muslim.

Christians are executed DAILY by Islamic terrorists, but suddenly America must use this tragedy in Orlando to remember how tough it is to be gay. God forbid, you are a short, fat, ugly GAY WOMAN, Hillary Clinton! All that’s missing is the “race card.” Recall that every time somebody “comes out” as gay {even though everybody else around them knew it}, we are told how COURAGEOUS the “comer out” is?

Here are but a few of the comments made at Buzz Feed by gays in the wake of the tragedy. Consider all the comments made after the San Bernardino shooting as you read these:

I wonder what this guy said after the Paris shooting. “I am French…and for now, I am safe?”

This gay woman wants change. Keep in mind that the LGBT community are staunch supporters of Islam.

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Here’s a gay man who’s all about the gays. The 5000 Yazidi men who were massacred because they were Christians have NOTHING to worry about.

And here’s a gay man using the “bravery” card. Because when it comes to Islamic terrorist, being gay is a risk!




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