Tea Party Community Tried To Save Orlando Nightclub Gays

The Tea Party Community has been trying to save the lives of the LGBT for almost a decade now.

That’s not the spin of the media, who constantly demonize the Tea Party Community. Nevertheless, if the Tea Party Community had gotten its way, 50+ members of the LGBT would still be alive.

You see when the Tea Party Community cried out for more stringent measures on Muslim refugees and said that America must be vigilant on Muslims of all ilks, we were called xenophobic or Islamophobic. Had Leftists in America listened to us, 50 gay people could celebrate birthdays next year and beyond.

Obama busy OrlandoWe are told that the Muslim murderer of the gays in Orlando was indeed an American citizen. So what. Jihad is practically in the DNA of young Muslims. Muslims don’t assimilate. This problem began when we let the shooter’s parents come to this country, likely under some “refugee resettlement,” or at the very least under the Liberal fraud of “multiculturalism.”

It’s been reported that this latest act of Muslim terrorism is the worst terrorist shooting in American history. It will be; until the next one.

Prior to the expansion of idiotic Liberal doctrines, violence like this was extremely rare. As San Bernardino and many other acts of Muslim violence suggests, these attacks will become more and more routine.

What could have saved the gays at that nightclub? Guns! If anybody had a gun in that place, we are likely talking about a LOT less death and mayhem. But we are taught that guns are bad. Yes, GUNS! Let me put this another way.

A crazed Muslim enters a gay club and shoots it up, and guns are bad, not the Muslim shooter.

The Tea Party Community fights for the rights of people to protect themselves. As heroic as the cops were in rescuing dozens of other gay men from the clutches of yet another Muslim terrorist, if a couple of gay men had the balls to have a firearm on their person, they could have made a dramatic point to Islamic terrorists, anti-gun nuts, and the community at large: gays can and will protect themselves.

Welcome to the human race, gay people, and you have the Tea Party Community to thank. You can live in a world where your God-given, Constitutionally rights supersede the Religion of Peace, and anything else Liberals want to throw at you.

Gay people, you are the Tea Party Community. Isn’t it time to put your sexuality aside and understand that.





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