Smart Move: Trump Dumps Campaign Manager

In what the media will describe as “turmoil in the Trump camp,” Trump likely made his best move of the campaign, and that’s sending Corey Lewandowski on his way.

Just like in all things, there are people who can get you to one level, but not the next. Trump understands that, and thus Lewandowski was handed his walking papers.

Here’s how FOX New reported it:

Donald Trump split Monday with campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, in arguably the highest-profile staff shake-up of the 2016 season – a move that comes after a tumultuous period for the billionaire businessman, and just weeks before he is set to claim the Republican presidential nomination at the GOP convention.

A Trump senior campaign aide confirmed to Fox News on Monday morning that Lewandowski is no longer with the campaign.

It’s unclear what specifically led to the decision. The departure of one of Trump’s most senior and loyal advisers follows what was widely seen as a rough patch for the campaign.

Trump’s polling numbers against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton have slipped in recent weeks, and Trump has found himself caught up in several controversies over his own comments – in turn stoking tensions with other top Republicans.

This was not about polling numbers and so on. The move was about preparing for the “Bigs.” Athletes do it; entertainers do it. And if they are smart, billionaire moguls turned presidential candidates do it.

Congratulations for Trump for showing leadership, and preparing himself to take out Crooked Hillary.


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