Trump Protects Gays and Thwarts Left Again

In case you hadn’t noticed, Trump uses the media mostly to his advantage. Some say that the media beats him up; but I’d say that it works both ways.

Conservatives know that NO GOP candidate will ever be treated fairly by the media. But we must also admit that no candidate has ever worked the media better than Trump, and that includes Ronald Reagan.

Trump many times IS the media. ONE tweet from Trump can at times reach more people than all the Leftist media AND FOX News combined.

Sure Trump is a presidential candidate, but when the Orlando terror attack broke, media in America were monitoring Trump’s Twitter feed like Pavlov’s dogs waiting to hear the dinner bell.

Trump obliged, essentially gloating that he was right about Muslims. Clinton and Obama did what Liberals do: deflect.

They discussed hate and guns, while pretending to care about the people killed. Two sacred cows of Liberalism were embattled: Muslims and gays. What does the politically correct Liberal do in these circumstances.

Trump was able to pivot back to his statement about Muslims, picking up a few more votes, including those of some gays. It’s one thing to be laughed at for one’s flamboyance or the occasional homophobic reference. But it’s another to be tossed off buildings overseas, and to have a gay party spot targeted.

I found a gays for guns page on Facebook and they were madder than agitated hornets. Message after message spoke of guns and voting for Trump. When you consider all the anvils waiting to fall on the Left, Trump will look like a Svengali come election time.

It will be an interesting couple of weeks watching Hillary Clinton try to convince Leftists that she can protect them, in the wake of this and surely future Muslim terrorist attacks to come. ISIS is the birthchild of her and Barack Obama, and Trump is determined to make that child a bastard.



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