Trump Supporters Will Have Backup at the Next Rally!

Trump supporters have been feeling the brunt of Liberal “tolerance,” as Liberals tolerate only what they like.

If those braindead zombies don’t get what they want, Liberals are as mean as mule chewing on bumblebees. They are as useless as a eunuch at a whorehouse when Liberals are alone. But gather them together, and they suddenly are a gang of Tommy Toughasses.

Trump supporters have seen this first hand, as the Obama administration has allowed abject lawlessness to rule the day, especially when it comes to Trump. I’m actually surprised a Liberal hasn’t killed Trump supporters at this point, but then again…it’s still early.

This is why Trump supporters won’t have to rely on a fair fight at the next rally. As reported by Red Flag News:

A flyer for Lion’s Guard Arizona says it will be “providing a safe environment for Trump supporters this Saturday” at the Coliseum. Lion’s Guard members will be wearing American Flag bandanas “so supporters needing our assistance can easily find us.”

“We are a PEACEFUL group comprised of veterans and former law enforcement, as well as Trump supporters,” said a Lion’s Guard organizer via text message. “We are attending ONLY to escort Trump supporters into and out of the rally to their vehicles. We have been informed by DPS of our boundary and expectations.”

Something tells me the banditos will not be much of a bother, when the bikers show up to protect the rights of American citizens.

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