There Is A Reason This Kid Is Such a Big Deal

By now you may have heard of this kid who rigged a workout apparatus, so he could get in shape.

A man saw him, and here is part of the story.

“He’s so small and he looks about the same age as my kids that I coach,” Davis said, according to a report by Yahoo News. “So I saw him and I was like, ‘Wow.’ My two boys play football and they were home asleep. They work hard, I can’t say that they don’t, but I wanted to take his picture to come home to show them his dedication.”

This coincidental meeting of strangers has turned into a dream come true for the dedicated teen.

Since Davis posted the photo and encouraging encounter on Facebook, Demarco’s story has been shared nearly 40,000 times. The hard-working freshman has won over the Internet with his admirable work ethic and “no excuses” attitude.

Nearly 1,500 comments came flooding in as well, many of which asked how they could help the young man. It inspired Davis to set up a GoFundMe page for Demarco to get him some new training gear—the real stuff.

We know “it,” when we see it. We see a kid dedicated, and not looking for excuses.

When you feel disheartened about the Obama Era culture, think about this kid. Then consider the donors who helped fund him, and the thousands of people who commented about him. He is exemplary of the American Spirit, and why we fight so hard.

This kid’s ingenuity, dedication, perseverance and “no excuses” attitude touched many of us, as it should. He represents the REAL America. He represents those who wish to come here for the right reasons.

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