Why Stupid People Get Shot By Cops


Here is a perfect example of why people get shot by cops. This cop was there to do his job, which entailed arresting this woman.

She was going to jail, one way or the other. But she decided to resist, because that’s what idiots do. It wasn’t like she was in the back woods of Alabama being arrested by a white cop with no witnesses. She was in an urban indoctrination center [a big city] on her plantation [her neighborhood]. The cop was black. But this crazy woman decided to fight. Why? Because she was right?

She fought, because she’s crazy. And when black Liberals get shot, it’s for exactly what this woman did.

In the video, you can hear the cop say, [pp] “I may have to shoot you.” But he kept his cool, as he called for back up.

Nevertheless, this could easily have gone another way, and America would have been treated to more #BlackBullshitMatters.

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