All Lives Matter Trumps Racist Black Lives Matter

All Lives Matter trumps racist Black Lives Matter. Anybody who thinks differently has been brainwashed by the political correct insane world of Liberals.

When I heard some Leftist say that All Lives Matter is racists, I wanted to slap him. How silly a notion that the group who sees NO color is racist when compared to the group that sees ONE color.

Oh I know the BS explanations given for #BLM. The oppressed black person in America. America!

Essentially, the truth about the oppressed black is he or she spends most of the day laughing at America. The oppressed black America finds it humorous that hardworking people are willing to support their lazy asses, all because white Liberals have helped #BLM (and others) propagate a lie.

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America helps everybody. Moreover, taxpaying Americans buck up year after year to help those the government tells us needs the help. Well that list of aggrieve has gotten so long, the aggrieve now look a lot like the regular taxpaying American citizen.

#BLM is a product of the liberal “white privilege” crowd, again Leftists who secretly wish to demoralize the black population. Even those mental midgets know that All Lives Matter trumps Black Lives Matter.

Liberals say that to be born black is to be born “less.” Really? You think Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s children have been born “less?”

White privilege is the ugly sister of “white guilt”, that other bogus movement white Liberals used to assuage their “I’m better than black people” beliefs.

To oppress, you must believe you have power. – Kevin Jackson

Ergo white guilt is indeed justified. They are the worst racist, people who believe they are better than somebody by birthright.

For those paying attention, even those born with money are not better than those who are not.

I’ve written that America’s biggest export these days is “stupidity.” Sure stupidity is sold by the ton in Europe, but the American Liberal irradiated it, added steroids and voila. The world is in shambles.

Recently a Canadian singing quartet changed a lyric in its national anthem and held up a sign proclaiming “All Lives Matter”  during its pregame performance at the 87th All-Star Game.

The Tenors sang: “We’re all brothers and sisters. All lives matter to the great.” The normal lyric is “With glowing hearts we see thee rise. The True North strong and free.” The Left went crazy.

The group has subsequently apologized.

The same thing is true of Jennifer Lopez, who tweeted All Lives Matter. She caught so much hell, she removed the tweet, and has subsequently apologized.

How about that for PC police. Forget your First Amendment right, your God-given right. The real injustice is to be RIGHT in what you say and be censored.


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