Bernie supporters fed up with Hillary

The Republicans chanted “Lock her up!” at their convention, and Hillary was said to be hurt. But the Democrats are worse, as they are fed up with crooked Hillary Clinton

Hard to believe, given what she got away with, and we were only aware of her server issues at the time. Now we have WikiLeaks; it’s no wonder Democrats are fed up.

The DNC hack and subsequent release of emails that detailed how the DNC stacked the deck against Sanders, rightfully have Sanders supporters highly peeved.┬áMany┬áBernie supporters flew a Bernie Sanders flag outside the DNC, as they took it all the way to Alice in Wonderland. The crowd referred to Hillary as they chanted, “Off with her head!”

A far cry from “Lock her up!” But then again, the Left is know for its violence. Even if they have to pay for it.

The Democrats are currently trying to make happy the Sanders camps, yes plural. They aren’t making a lot of progress, particularly with the camp who voted for Sanders to end the corruption in DC. This group won’t vote for crooked Hillary Clinton, and appear to have crossed over to the Trump train.

Sanders fell on the sword, saying beating Trump is the most important thing, all but conceding that he could not beat Trump. But his concession appears to be tied to the “goodies” Clinton and the DNC have promised. Sanders uses this as his excuse to accept the goodies, while appearing magnanimous to the cause. The only cause Sander supported was the cause of Sanders.

Because of this, one would think the #BernieOrBust crowd would be more mad at the sellout himself. Some believe Sanders has gotten the Democrats to shift enough Left. That faction will likely support Hillary. But that won’t wake up for the Independents and blacks who have sickened of politics as usual, ergo elitist politics.


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