Blacks Killed by Cops: Time to School White People?

In the aftermath of the shooting of Castile, Leftist apologists and racists decided to school white people on how to handle the latest tragedy.

Because two shootings of black men proves the epidemic that Leftists, particularly ethno-centric black racists have been saying for some time. Blacks are being hunted by police. It’s far past time to school white people about this.

If you don’t realize this, then according to the moronic Left, you are part of the problem. Subsequently Justin Cohen decided to provide some helpful hints on how to handle being white, in the oppressive white world built by same:

1.  If you’re White, don’t look to your friends of color for answers today. If you haven’t already grappled with the extent to which our criminal justice system – from the police to prosecutors to prisons – treats Black people differently than they treat you, today is not the day to start reaching out. If you’re eager to learn, talk to other White people who have been engaged in this work, as one of their primary roles as allies is to lessen the burden that people of color have for the education process around issues of justice. Now also is a good time to do some independent reading and research. If data moves you, read Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow, which catalogues the extent to which the American criminal justice system disproportionately, and unjustly, punishes Black people. Once you’ve spent some time educating yourself, then you should have some conversations with friends of color, but you should spend most of the time listening to them.

So give it a few days before you seek understanding. THEN, education yourselves.

I know this is counter-intuitive when black people are the stupid ones. You see, when it comes to race issues, black people all have PhD, and the roles are reversed. Here’s an example.

How could you possibly know oppression? Nor could you know the range of emotions humans face daily. After all, if you are white in America. You have lived a life of privilege and could not possibly understand strife! All your bills are paid, your white children are PERFECT! How do I know? They’re WHITE!

Your kids are smarter than blacks (except on race). Your kids are better behaved (they had DADDIES!). Finally, because of the aforementioned, your kids will ultimately grow up to make more money and begin the oppressive cycle anew. By having more white kids.

BTW, don’t complain when a black person carjacks your precious little white princess one day, or rapes her. That’s just par for the course, a bit of payback that each white person owes blacks in America.

His next point:

2.  What happened to Alton Sterling is, in fact, about race. If you are tempted to change the subject to something else, please resist that urge. Police kill Black people at a rate disproportionate to both criminal activity and their presence in the population at large. Campaign Zero has done an extraordinary job of cataloging both the extent of this problem, and its relationship to race. What happened to Alton Sterling does not happen to White people.

That’s right. The white establishment is the reason Alton Sterling is dead. After all, Sterling was out at 1A in a black neighborhood selling bootleg CDs. A felon, in a bad neighborhood, Sterling needed his gun, but some white man watching over the situation decided to call it in.

White cops responded to the white call in a white car, and BAM! Black man down…and out.

For more of this guy’s drivel, go here.

I want to remind you that I love it when white people school other white people on how to deal with black people!

Before I go, here’s a bit of insight about the author I referenced, and in his own words.

I’m also a writer and recovering nonprofit executive. My work has appeared in the New York Times, theStanford Social Innovation Review, and Education Week. I recently was a writer in residence at the Carey Institute for the Global Good, and I’m a fellow of the Broad Center for the Management of School Systems. Until 2015 I was president of Boston-based education nonprofit Mass Insight Education, where we helped cities and states around this country rethink how to serve their most vulnerable children and communities. Before that I worked in the DC public schools and was on the education policy committee for President Obama’s 2008 campaign. I have the privilege of serving as board chairman for Students for Education Reform and spent five years as academic committee chair for the Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools.

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