Democrat Convention Mayhem

The Republican convention was supposed to be complete convention mayhem. As we learned from WikiLeaks, that’s what Democrats ordered.

There were small pockets of protests, and only 24 people were arrested. Only 24! That’s less than get arrested at a good bachelorette party these days.  The Democrats are in for convention mayhem.

As the saying goes, “Karma is a bitch,” so the Democrats will dine on crap sandwiches.

The leak of more than 19,000 Democratic National Committee emails caused an eruption, and confirmed what Sanders people knew, and certainly all Conservatives. The DNC unleveled the playing field for Hillary Clinton. The fact is, had they not done this, Sanders would have beaten her.

Word on the street is that tens of thousands of protesters from across the country will descend on the Democratic National Convention. I didn’t see a single protests in Cleveland. But before the Democrat convention has even begun, there are already more protesters than there were in Cleveland.

Here I thought people hated Trump and love the Democrats. Apparently that’s not the case.

Democrats love their special interests, that is until it’s time to please them all. And when you’ve been promised pork tenderloin and served pigs’ feet, you might be a bit upset.

Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney’s office estimates that up to 50,000 protesters will be in the city. That’s not total folks, that’s per day. Most of them will be in FDR Park — directly across the street from the Wells Fargo Center. How fitting. FDR, the man who engendered the New Deal is about to witness the Raw Deal.

People have theorized that the contention would be on the inside, with little coverage provided by the lamestream media. I differ strongly with that. The media knows when there’s blood in the water, and can easily predict this feeding frenzy.

And what timing by Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks.

Not long ago, Assange threatened to expose the Democrats, and boy did he. As if the #BernieOrBust crowd wasn’t angry enough, as they knew the DNC stacked the deck, again information verified by WikiLeaks. Then there was the ultimate betrayal. Bernie Sanders sold out.

Put those two things together, and you have the cause for rebellion.

Karma. Much of the action the Democrats believe will come from fervent supporters of Sanders who still want this moron as their leader. At this rate, he might very well come out of the convention on as the socialist who leads the Democratic Party. Given Sanders’ track record, he would likely figure out a way to still give it to Hillary, even if she’s in prison. The guy seems to have muscle memory for giving up.

Despite this, one pro-Sanders protest organizer, Billy Taylor commented,

We can still win this…We’re not going to vote for the demon named Hillary. … We stand with the honorable man. We’re not standing with the Democrats.”

Others on the list of approved protest permits from the Philadelphia mayor’s office include Occupy DNC and Black Men for Bernie.  Most of these groups have vowed to camp in FDR Park for the week.

Keep in mind, these are not Republican groups, but instead disenfranchised Democrats who feel slighted, to say the least.


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