Democrats Biggest Fear Realized

All hell was supposed to break loose at the Republican convention, right? According to documents exposed by WikiLeaks, the Democrats conspired to make the Republican convention a complete disaster. Why didn’t Cleveland burn?!

According to the Liberal narrative, Donald Trump is universally despised and Hillary Clinton is loved. The Republican convention was solidify that narrative, was it not?

Inside the convention about the closest thing I witnessed to a Trump assault, was the #NeverTrump gang of National Review. They met in a small cabal, and tried to hit trump with passive aggressive interviews against him. But that’s about as bad as it got for Trump.

I was warned about the convention from multiple sources, including family who live in Cleveland. “Don’t come…be very careful, if you do.” I told them not to worry. I then referred everybody to my book, Race-Pimping. Chapter 8: Manipulate the Media. In that chapter I explain that no matter what the cause, the threat must be made by race pimps for “all hell to break loose.”

Yet, from AP we learn,

Police reported a total of 24 arrests during the four-day convention that ended Thursday night, a surprisingly low number that can be attributed to a massive police presence and to safety concerns that discouraged protesters and visitors from coming to Cleveland this week.

About 2,800 law enforcement officers from around the country joined 500 Cleveland officers for a security force that responded quickly to hints of trouble. Three hundred police officers patrolled downtown on bicycles, with Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams spending parts of two days riding along on patrols.

A whopping 24 arrests. If #BLM is so tough, where were they? There were threats that the New Black Panthers were coming in force, and they would attend with weapons showing.

Cleveland was a veritable ghost town, given the thousands of taxpaying Republicans who were there. What should have looked like the Cavaliers’ celebration and an economic boom for Cleveland was squandered because of the “threat” of violence.

One Uber driver I met showcased his anger, as he told me Uber invited 5,000 Uber drivers to converge on Cleveland. He said that on Tuesday night during the convention he got ONE drive request. Nobody requested Uber, because the police had so many barriers to drivers, it was quicker to walk.

Cleveland was not under siege. At one point protesters who wore painted ponchos attempted to “wall off Trump“, but they were thwarted. Another small group tried to burn a flag, and that had all the hoopla of listening to a Biden speech.

Ironically, the Left killed the pending Republican convention protests of their other Leftist weirdos, who were afraid of their own #BLM brothers. As AP noted, they feared the prospect of violence:

“We had big groups that said they were coming in that got dwindled down to nothing,” said Larry Bresler, lead organizer of a Stop Poverty Now rally. “They weren’t coming to Cleveland because the fear of violence.”

I’m very happy for the strong police presence, but the real reason the #BLM didn’t show is they are not really an organization. It didn’t help that everything was sold out anywhere near Cleveland. Days Inns were booking rooms at $300 a night, and restaurants jacked up their rates.

The cost to finance terror was cost prohibitive for the Left. Those silly Negroes would have ended up sleeping in Columbus, and busing in from there, only to be greeted by 3,000+ very motivated anti-BLM cops.

As for the New Black Panthers, they are all talk. I have joked that there are only six of them in reality, bused all over the country to threaten people. Whatever their numbers, one thing is for sure: they are only brave in the hood.

The NBPP is a tool of the Democrats, yet another racist hate group meant to appear bigger and badder than what they really are. You won’t see the NBPP menacing downtown [insert city here]. This is because the powers that be will spank their black butts, if they come off the plantation. The NBPP and #BLM are meant to threaten “inside the parameter,” and come out only when tasked. Until then, #BLM and NBPP can just kill black folks in record numbers, and the occasional white crack head who lingers too long after the drug deal.

The final point on open-carry. Guns were to be a problem in Cleveland, yet there wasn’t a single shooting.

A small number of people openly carried guns during some of the protests but caused no reported problems. By the end of the convention, those who entered the Public Square with weapons were mostly ignored.

Don’t hold your breath with the media reporting positively on this little factoid.

Truth be told, it’s the Democrats who are most worried about violence and contention at their convention. They raised and cultivated the animals, and the chickens may come home to roost.


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