Democrats: World’s Most Successful Hate Group

The world’s most successful hate group, the Democrats begin their convention this week.

At the convention, America will easily see the contrast between Republicans and the world’s most successful hate group. We will also be treated to how the media caters to hate.

2012-08-18-CNN-Kaye-HateThe Democrats will parade their victims across the stage, all anecdotes to what America really represents. The world’s most successful hate group practically has a monopoly on black people, as Democrats feed the insecurities of blacks. They tell blacks that whites have “privilege” by virtue of skin color, and ignorant blacks buy that nonsense. So the convention will undoubtedly showcase #BLM, and remind us that black people are killed by cops, and other blacks are wronged by everything non-Liberal.

Democrats tell blacks that to require valid voter ID disenfrachises blacks. They know that valid ID is required to perform the most mundane things in life. In effect, Democrats have convinced some people that saying black people are too stupid to do what every other ethnicity does with ease is not racist. How hateful is that?

At the convention, the world’s most successful hate group will set their traps for the poor. They will remind the poor to hate the rich. Why? Because the rich are rich, and the poor are not. If you are lazy, have no drive or initiative, and you need an excuse to be a failure, JOIN THE DEMOCRATS!

At the convention, Democrats will explain to Gays, “You are not human! You need your own special interest.”  Then, Democrats will promise rights that surpass “human rights” afforded by God and the Constitution. Notwithstanding, the Democrats will offer Gays, “special” Liberal rights. These rights can be manipulated, curtailed, even erased at any time. Most Gays will fall for it.

The world’s most successful hate group tells women to hate men. Democrats exude feminism.

At the convention, Democrats will say to women, “Men oppress you, so vote for the woman.” Ironically, the woman who covered up the oppression of women by her husband will ask women to allow her to fight for their rights.

Ironically, the woman who has been in public service for over 3 decades and done nothing for women will tell women she’s now ready to perform. Like most modern-day suffragists, they are relics. Young women today see no barriers to success. This is why the convention of hate is necessary. Young women must learn they are victims.

The Democrats will tell workers to hate their employers. They will then tell workers to hate each other, as they pit union members against non-union members.

Environmentalists should hate manufacturers who dirty the air and the water, who spoil the land.

Millennials will be encouraged to hate their parents, atheists to hate the religious. Muslims will be coddled, then told to continue to hate everybody, especially Jews.

The world’s most successful hate group will spew their venom, because Liberals hate winners. For Liberals nobody should aspire to greatness, instead mediocrity. Mediocrity feeds Liberalism, fuels Liberalism.

The world’s most successful hate group turns good guys into bad guys.

They will tell America that criminals are heroes and the police are villains to be despised by all. Democrats have convinced many Americans guns are bad. They say the police will protect you, as they simultaneously call the police a “hate group.”

Democrats in their twisted Liberal logic make good ideas sound silly. They criticize protecting the border, as they sit in gated communities, their homes equipped with elaborate alarm systems.

Democrats say that balancing the budget, ergo being financially responsible is racist and elitist. Apparently allowing endless and uncontrollable spending is the only way America can tend to its poor. For the world’s most successful hate group, “Welfare is stimulus!”

Democrats say that to pay more for insurance is the cure to a broken healthcare system. Next, they propose the solution to unemployment is to not count those who quit looking for jobs. They submit that a stronger military should be gay. They say streets are safer, when police don’t police.

When a radical Muslim commits a heinous crime, they tell Christians to be more tolerant. They say, “Be colorblind,” then support and fund Black Lives Matter.

The fact is if the Republicans nominated a Mexican Buddhist Lesbian woman who rides a bicycle everywhere, works in an orphanage, the Left would make her a homophobic racist Muslim-hating male within one news cycle.

Democrats are the world’s most successful hate group. Now watch how they spread the love.


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